Union of the Free Magi

For centuries, magic users who wanted to concentrate on their studies and pursue higher magical skills went into exile on the Isle of Enlightment. They were attracted by the Astral Flux, a mystical phenomenon that brings magical energy and scattered pieces of arcane knowledge into the world. Led by their common goals and values, the Magi soon formed a formal union. The democratic and sublime Union of the Free Magi was born. Devoted to unraveling the mysteries of the universe, the Union focused all its efforts on magical, scientific, and technical research. The Magi rely mostly on the might of their spells and advanced devices. They continue seeking the secret meaning of all things, while safeguarding their precious books and manuscripts from evil or wrongful intentions.

Geographical Region: Isle of Enlightment

Capital: Arcadia

Creature Types: Humans, Gnomes, Djinns, Mechanical Creatures, Magical Spirits, etc.

Points of Interest


Arcadia, the capital city of the Union, is amazingly situated high above the ground on a group of floating island platforms. Inside the walls of its beautiful structures, an astonishing giant machine is kept. It has the power to unravel the movement of the stars, to calculate unknown probabilities, to predict the whimsies of weather, and generally to foresee the future of the world . . . in a wider sense. Due to its great complexity and high energy use, this spectacular device needs a unique water cooling system of streams and internal canals. This system is called the Prudeplex and is the most precious possession of the Magi. Arcadia is also the place where the Archont Council is situated, since the Archonts often have occasion to use the Prudeplex for their needs.

City of Wisdom

With the size of a whole city, this unique library is considered the gem of the Union. It is believed that all books ever written in the world are stored there, most in the form of magic crystals. Wanderer Magi travelling around the world are constantly in search for new books, from the most useless to the most valuable and hidden tomes. In the library, wisdom is extracted from the books and infused into nearly indestructible crystals, from which only the Magi can read it. Due to the valuable nature of its contents, the library is carefully guarded by elite Djinns, whose skills rival those of the most powerful warriors in Asperia.

The Great Foundry

The Great Foundry is the place where new magic technology is created. It is best known as the birthplace of golems, despite the golem conveyor line being only one part of it. The factory has very few human engineers operating it. Merely a dozen Magi walk among the underground mazes, making sure production is running smoothly. However, they are backed by a countless army of hard-working gnomes, known for their inherent talent in tinkering with machinery and metal-working. The more routine operations and even some of the basic research is performed by the golems themselves. Some of them, called Golem Architects, have a work experience of several thousands of years.

Astral Flux

The Astral Flux is an incessant flow of falling magical matter and fragments. It rains from a spiral portal in the sky resembling a black hole. The strange magical matter consists mostly of huge amounts of raw mana, charging everything it touches with pure energy. It also brings to Asperia scattered and often intertwined fragments of spells, bits of past events, and even blurred messages from the future. However, these knowledge fragments are so insanely hard to piece together that only a few of them have been deciphered so far.

In the past, wars were fought for control over the mountain at which the Astral Flux comes in contact with the world. Now the Union of Free Magi have occupied it an attempt to research and harness its power.


Note: the Union is a highly democratic society with flat hierarchical structure. All the Magi are divided into clusters according to their interests.

The Archont Council – wise group of Magi Archonts, chosen democratically by the citizens of the Union. They are supposed to be the brightest and most gifted of the Magi. The Council bears the responsibility of making decisions on the most important topics – magic development, research and analysis. The Archonts’ word is final on all matters.

The Visionaries – those Magi who focus on magical research and deciphering the pieces of arcane knowledge gathered from around the Astral Flux.

The Originators – Magi who have an affinity for machines and technology.

The Wanderers – those Magi who believe that exploration is of the utmost importance and travel in search of major magical phenomena.

The Apostles – Magi who prefer to use their spells in battle. The Apostles train to master the most advanced spells needed in times of quarrel.

The Educators – Magi who wish to focus on studying the ancient manuscripts and passing all the available knowledge to the future generations.

The Precursors – a vast organization of Magi ambassadors and agents, whose goal it is to keep the Archont Council informed of everything happening within their domains and beyond.