Update: Version 1.93

22/09/2016 by Kaloyan Pishmanov

Hello world,

Version 1.93 is now online!

This content update introduces Foil Cards, a New Tournament Scheme, and several New Hard AIs and Quest PvE Challenges.

Here is the full log of changes and improvements:


  • you will get foil cards for all cards you obtained from the date the expansion was released onwards, plus 5 extra
  • 6 new quest PvE challenges added
  • 4 new hard AIs added
  • most tournaments now have a completion and top places bonus
  • non-inherent hero skills are now visualized as they are being played with the image for the shrine that added them, instead of the hero card
  • fixed an AI bug that allowed the AI to rarely play a card it didn’t have the mana for
  • numerous fixes to Spanish, Russian and Polish translation
  • fixed all 6 achievements related to collecting cards


May the card be with you!