Update: Version 1.47

11/04/2016 by Kaloyan Pishmanov

Version 1.47 is now online!

Dear players, welcome to this substantial Spellweaver update, which includes:

  1. Player referral program
  2. Card balance changes
  3. Final translations for 9 languages
  4. Italian translation beta
  5. Steam trading cards (collectible Steam Inventory items)


As always, please report any remaining bugs using F1, especially translation bugs. We want to make everything perfect!


Fixes & Improvements


- ask for feedback about tutorial, translation, and connection quality
- fixed floating numbers for emblem count
- changed to a better font for Simplified Chinese
- various localization fixes
- fixed an issue that caused the connection to the server to be temporarily lost
- the game will select the default language based on your Steam language, or the OS language
- new interface added to display cards under the hero
- added a couple of clarification texts for the Starter Pack offer
- added a way to see the Premium Pack description from the Packages marketplace tab


Card Changes



  • Summonder Druid’s HP reduced to 1 (from 2)
  • Haldiri Rider’s HP reduced to 2 (from 3)



  • Burning Rage now deals 1 damage for each card in your hand above 4 (was always 1 damage)
  • Flameborn Incarnate is now level 2 (from 1)



  • Dreyla, Ruthless Oppressor has been redesigned
  • Powerlust Incarnate’s cost reduced to 2 (from 3)
  • Powerlust Incarnate’s ATK and HP are now equal to HALF the number of your mana crystals, rounded up
  • Powerlust Incarnate’s second power now sets it speed to your Dominion level (as it was in the initial version)



  • Hermelion’s skill Tireless March requires two Order levels (was one Order, one generic)
  • Path to Transcendence can only be sacrificed on your turn and returns the creatures unexhausted
  • Angelic Song now only prevents attacks upon your creatures, not yourself, and draws a card when its effect finishes
  • Shield Bash replaces Militia (Cost 2, 1 Order level – All creatures engaged in combat with an allied attacking creature have 0 ATK until end of turn. Draw a card.)


Rarity Changes


  • Silverblade Warrior, Shadowstep Assassin are now uncommon
  • Powerspike Armor, Powerseeker and Angelblessed Knight are now common


We sincerely hope that you will enjoy this update!