The Team

Ivko Stanilov

lead, game design, coding

Ivko is the omnipotent leader of the project. A Triple-A veteran with more than 16 years in the industry, he has had a passion for making games for what seems like forever. As part of Haemimont Games, he was the lead programmer of the award-winning Celtic Kings/Imperivm series as well as Tropico 4 and 5. He also led the design and programming of Rising Kingdoms.

A skilled Magic the Gathering player, Ivko was the MTG National Champion of Bulgaria in 2006. Spellweaver TCG is Ivko’s dream project, and he has brought all of his refined, old-school vision and huge managing experience to the endeavor.



Dimo Zapryanov

game design, coding

The secret government in shadow, Dimo is a true technical jack of all trades with relentless will and infinite patience. Also a Triple-A veteran, Dimo worked on the famous Celtic Kings/Imperivm series; Tropico 3, 4, and 5; The First Templar; Omerta – City of Gangsters; and Rising Kingdoms. Having been with the project from the very beginning, he is a true guarantee of quality.

Except that Dimo is very good at . . . well, everything, we are pretty sure that a person can’t get more positive than he is. Win – win.



Alexander Nanitchkov


lead artist

Alexander, or as many know him Artofinca, was one of the very first freelance artist for Spellweaver TCG. The more he was drawing the more his passion for the game grew . . . and eventually he became an integral part of the team, helping with the world concept, art direction, and design ideas. A multi-talented artist, Inca infuses all of his creative passion and distinctive vision into his drawings.

An emotional bohemian, Inca is definitely the X Factor in our team.



Theo Petrova

marketing, PR & social media specialist

Theo is – well, really smart. Besides that, she graduated from one of the most prestigious universities in Europe, and she worked in some of the biggest advertising agencies in Bulgaria as well. An avid follower of all new media (internet, social, mobile), Theo uses her superpowers to help the team in times of marketing and media needs.

Also, a girly opinion is always needed.



Kaloyan Pishmanov

producer, writer, marketing & PR

Kaloyan is the creative steam engine behind the team. A poet at heart, filmmaker by training, gamedev by trade. If Spellweaver TCG needs an odd job to be done, he is the man. A young enthusiast in the industry, Kaloyan strives to establish his ideas and to make his mark in the vast world of video games.

What he brings to the project – style. Nuff said.