“The Holy Child” – Card Mechanics

03/04/2017 by Ivko Stanilov

We are presenting you an in-depth look at the new card mechanics introduced with the release of the first part of The Spellweaver Chronicles – “The Holy Child”.




Valor is a new keyword always followed by a number, and means the following:

“When this creature enters the field, put a Might Emblem on up to X allied creatures”.

At a first glance, it might seem that Valor doesn’t do much. But using Valor before combat can make all the difference, and there are creatures that can do real wonders with the Might Emblems from Valor. Just have a look at Triangelica Sentintel below!

Valor FAQ

  • You can also choose to put a Might Emblem on the creature with Valor you played.
  • You can only put a single Might Emblem on each creature, e.g. Valor +2 doesn’t allow you to put two Might Emblems on a single creature.










Triangelica Sentinel FAQ

  • Triangelica Sentinel will prevent most enemy effects upon an allied creature from taking place, at the cost of removing a Might Emblem.
  • This is NOT optional and will always apply.
  • This doesn’t affect sacrifice effects, because they affect you and not your creatures.
  • This doesn’t prevent your opponent from attaching cards to your creatures.
  • Continuous modifiers, such as the -1 ATK/-1 HP from Xiara will still apply. Triangelica Sentinel only protects your creatures from one-time effects.


Trigon of the Pact and Dual Levels


A dual level counts as a single level, but it can satisfy the level requirement of either of its aspects. For example, an Order-Wisdom level can count as either an Order, or a Wisdom level.

But the special shrine that lets you gain dual levels has something else really special about it:









Trigon of the Pact is not only a Shrine – it doubles as a spell. So, when you no longer need the extra level, you can always make one of your creatures better by using its “Blessing” mode!

Trigon of the Pact FAQ

  • You can’t get +1 mana using Trigon of the Pact – you can either go up a (dual) level, or play it as a spell.
  • Trigon of the Pact counts as both a Shrine and a Blessing Spell that attaches to a creature, so you can find it by both New Horizons and Field Operative.
  • Trigon of the Pact’s mana cost is considered zero, so it can be returned by Diogen, Wandering Pilgrim.




Stupefy is a new status effect used by Steelnor Innkeeper. A stupefied creature loses all its powers, or in other words, all of its card text including the keywords.

Stupefy FAQ

  • A stupefied creature with Flying will lose this keyword, and will move immediately onto the front line.
  • If you stupefy a creature that has its ATK, HP, or SP stats set by its card texts, these stats will become zero. For example, stupefy instantly kills Powerlust Incarnate.










You can use Steelnor Innkeeper as an early game creature that also lets you basically shut down many threats in the mid to late game. In addition to getting rid of Flying and Deadly, it can take care of any unpleasant power of any creature, be it Guardian of the Faithful, Mescatian Phoenix, or even the Steelnor Innkeeper of your opponent.




The mechanic of Namirs Blessing has been given its own keyword that means:

“This card can’t be chosen as a target of enemy spells, hero skills, cards, or card powers.”

Protected FAQ

  • Your opponent can’t choose the card as a target, but you can. This means that “sacrifice” and “distribute” effects still affect the card, because you are the player making the choice.
  • Protected only affects your opponent’s ability to select the card as a target. It can still be affected by cards that affect multiple creatures without them being explicitly chosen, such as Holy Radiance.











The Temple Guard may look week with 1 HP, but considering it is basically immune to removal spells, it can deal a lot of damage against controlling decks that don’t have a lot of creatures. And against creatures decks, it is still strong if you can get a Shield Emblem onto it, which is quite easy with the Might Emblems from Valor.




The mechanic of Grove Sentinel has been given its own keyword that means:

“This creature can attack creatures on the support line.”










Master Hunter can not only boost your forces with its Valor ability, but it lets you deal with creatures hiding on the support line. It is particularly effective against Angel decks.


We hope you like the new mechanics. Feel encouraged to experiment with all the fresh interactions and share your decks and feedback in our forums!