Spellweaver Masters Championship Explained

01/05/2016 by Kaloyan Pishmanov

Dear Spellweavers,

Below you will find detailed and complete information about the Spellweaver Masters Championship in the form of a FAQ. Let’s start!


What is the Spellweaver Masters Championship?


The Spellweaver Masters Championship is the official professional tournament series of Spellweaver. Each month, you will have the chance of participating in the qualifications for the next Masters Championship Finals, held on the first weekend of the following month. The most dedicated and skilled Spellweaver players will compete in this pinnacle event for a prize pool of minimum 2000 US Dollars. 50% of the money raised in our special Spellweaver Masters Fund will be added to the prize pool.


How do I qualify for the Spellweaver Masters Finals?


Each Spellweaver Masters Finals tournament will pit 16 players against each other. In order to qualify, you need one of the following:

  • A finish in the Top 10 of the Monthly Rating Race (10 slots)
  • A Golden Ticket from our qualifier tournaments (3 slots)
  • A Wildcard from the developers (3 slots)

Slots from the Ranked Leaderboards pass down in case a Top 10 player already has a Golden Ticket. Wildcards will be given out to renowned CCG players who will help making the game more popular.


How do Qualifier Tournaments work?


Qualifier tournaments are held at two stages.

Each week, you can win one of 16 Silver Tickets by participating in a Masters Championship Preliminary Qualifier tournament. Silver Tickets grant you an entry to the weekly Masters Championship Qualifier tournament. Each players can only acquire a single Silver Ticket weekly, and unused Silver Tickets expire at the end of the week after the Masters Championship Qualifier starts.

Each weekly Masters Championship Qualifier requires a Silver Ticket for entry, and provides a single Golden Ticket, which gives the winning player an entry in the next Masters Championship Finals tournament. Golden Tickets are only valid for the next Masters Championship Finals and expire if unused.

The match format of Masters Championship Preliminary Qualifier is “single game”, and for the Masters Championship Qualifier the match format is “conquest” – the same as for the Finals tournament.


What is the Spellweaver Masters Fund?


You will be able to support your favorite Spellweaver champions and the development of the game by making a donation to the Spellweaver Masters Fund. It will run each month alongside the Spellweaver Masters qualification process, and throughout the Masters Finals tournament itself.

50% of your donations will be added to the Masters Championship Final’s prize pool, and the rest will cover payment fees and support the game’s development.

To say “Thanks!” to all the contributors we will provide them with in-game awards in the form of Mystery Boxes!


What is the Masters Championship Finals prize distribution?


The Spellweaver Masters Finals tournament uses the Swiss format and prizes will be awarded based on number of wins:

1st place (4 wins) – $600, or 30% of the prize pool

2nd – 5th place (3 wins) – $200, or 10% of the prize pool

6th – 11th place (2 wins) – $100, or 5% of the prize pool

Total: $2000

Each month, 50% of the Spellweaver Masters Fund will be added to the prize pool, with prizes being increased proportionally. So, it is possible that the final prizes are actually significantly larger that the prizes announced above.


Can a player win more than one Golden Ticket?


No. If a player has already won a Golden Ticket, this players is no longer allowed to participate in qualifier tournaments.

If one of more players from the Top 10 already have Golden Tickets when the Monthly Rating Race finishes, the slots to the Masters Championship Finals awarded from the Monthly Rating Race pass down to the next players (the players on places 11, 12 or 13, depending on the number of players who already have a Golden Ticket).


Where can I watch the Spellweaver Masters Championship Finals?


Every Spellweaver Masters Championship Finals will be broadcasted live on the official Spellweaver’s Twitch.tv channel, and hosted by famous community hosts.

Competing players in all Spellweaver Masters Championship tournaments are allowed and encouraged to stream their games, with the mandatory minimum of 5 minutes delay.


What’s inside a Mystery Box?


When opening a Mystery Box you will receive one of the following items on random:

- 5000, 10 000, 20 000 or 50 000 Gold

- 200 Crystals

- Small Pack

- Normal Pack

- Good Pack

- Evil Pack

- Premium Pack

- Ticket

- Rare Card (of which you don’t have 4 copies)

- Epic Card  (of which you don’t have 4 copies)

- Dust Titan Card Back

- Vampire Assassin Card Back

- The Box


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