Winter Holiday Celebration!


Dear players,

Let’s celebrate the Winter Holidays together!

Spellweaver will treat you with not so mysterious – anymore, but just as rewarding Gift Boxes until January 1st, 2018.

You will receive Gift Boxes by simply spending Gold and Crystals in the game, or by redeeming special Gift Codes from your friends. Open your holiday gifts to uncover amazing rewards, and collect Coins from your gift boxes to earn even more items.

But that’s not all!

Just as we did for 2017, three lucky players will receive a FULL CARD COLLECTION from our holiday raffle!

Each of your Coins gives you one entry in a special raffle that will be drawn in the start of January.

About the Gift Boxes

You will receive one Gift Box for every 25 000 Gold spent, every 200 Crystals spent, and every gift code you redeem.

List of Gift Box rewards:

  • 1x All Multiaspect Heroic Cards (0.1% chance)
  • 1x All Epic Cards (0.1% chance)
  • Foil Pack (0.1% chance)
  • Draft Ticket (0.1% chance)
  • The Box (0.5% chance)
  • Hero Pack (0.1% chance)
  • A Premium Pack (1.5% chance)
  • 200 Crystals (1.5% chance)
  • A random foil card (8% chance)
  • A random rare or epic card you don’t have the full number of copies of, unless you own all cards from this rarity level (8% and 1.5% chance respectively)
  • A card back you don’t own (8% chance)
  • Ticket, Small Pack, Normal Pack, Good Pack or Evil Pack (1.5%, 8%, 7%, 2%, and 2% chance respectively)
  • 1, 2 or 5 Coins (25%, 20%, and 5% chance respectively)


Warm holiday wishes and a very Happy New Year from the team! May the cards be with you!