Spellweaver (maybe?) Final Update


Hello dear friends,

It has been ages since the last update from me.

I was going through some hard times with my family during the pandemic years. I won’t go into details, however if you are curious you can see the updates in the Spellweaver Discord.

For a while, I kept my hopes up that I would be able to keep working on Spellweaver. I tried renewing my efforts a couple of times, however each time I felt I was so much behind with my plans for the game that I quickly lost motivation.

I was no longer able to look at Spellweaver’s future with optimism.

It’s now time to admit that for the time being, there will be no updates for Spellweaver. Although I still hope I can once again return to it someday.


As a gesture to all of you, I will publish one last (for now – we never say never) balance update to Spellweaver, which will come out in the following weeks.

As promised, Spellweaver will NEVER go offline for as long as that depends on me. The cost for keeping the game running isn’t high, but if you’d like to support me with that, you can send a donation by PayPal to ivko.stanilov@abv.bg.

Thank you so much for your tremendous support for Spellweaver and me throughout all these years!

By good fortune, my friends from the former Spellweaver team approached me some time ago with the news that they were starting a game studio. They pitched to me the idea about a new game taking place in the SPELLWEAVER WORLD and I was immediately hooked!

I think that this new project has the potential to draw attention to the Spellweaver IP once more and even pave the way for future instalments. I am of course also on the team for this new and exciting title.

So, expect news on our new game soon!

I love you all,