Spellweaver Masters Championship – $2000 Guaranteed Each Month


Today we have some big news to share. After the success of the Spellweaver PIONEERS Invitational Tournament, we are proud to announce the start of our pro-gaming competitive scene!


Welcome to the


Spellweaver Masters Championship


(Monthly $2000 Prize Pool Guaranteed)


The Masters Championship is Spellweaver‘s official professional tournament series. Qualifications are held each month, and on the first weekend of the following month comes the culmination – the Masters Championship Finals with a prize pool of at least $2000.

Be a part of this most prestigious tournament – join the ranks of the first Spellweaver masters, and compete for real money prizes by qualifying this May for the June’s Masters Championship Finals!

The first qualification round starts on May 10th, 2016. Read details in this blog post.


The Spellweaver Masters Fund


You will be able to support your favorite Spellweaver champions and the development of the game by making a donation to the Spellweaver Masters Fund. It will run each month alongside the Spellweaver Masters qualification process, and throughout the Masters Finals tournament itself.

50% of your donations will be added to the Masters Championship Final’s prize pool, and the rest will cover payment fees and support the game’s development.

In addition, for your donation you will be able to get a cache of Mystery Boxes, or even an unique card back!

So, do you have what it takes to become a Spellweaver pro? Let’s find out!