Spellweaver Coming to iOS and Android + 8 New Cards


The release date is set for March 27th!

It has been a long wait and we can’t be more excited to finally spill the news!

Here are some quick tidbits about the mobile version:

  • You will be able to use your existing account.
  • You will be playing on a single server, with cross-platform multiplayer support.
  • We support devices as old as iPad 3, iPhone 5, and Google Nexus 7.
  • A recent device with a hi-res 5.0″+ display is recommended.
  • Spellweaver requires a permanent Internet connection.

However, as always, this is not all!

Our team has been working on numerous new features and improvements, which are already available in the desktop version. We will be revealing one of them each day until the release on social media, so make sure to follow us!

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New Card Release Schedule

With the mobile release, we are introducing a fast paced card release schedule, so we can keep the game fresh and exciting. We will release small card expansions including 6-15 new cards each month. Be certain we will make sure that the new cards are awesome and with an impact to the decks being played.

The first release is scheduled for the beginning of May. Expect a separate announcement in the following weeks!

The 8 New Cards

The eight new cards made specifically for the mobile release are already present in our desktop version. They feature the new Tainted mechanic, which means:

When this creature enters the field, lose 3 life unless you have at least 3 levels in aspects of Evil.

Enjoy them in their full glory: