Spellweaver Comes to Mobile, Launch Promotions!


The Game is On – up to 1000 FREE Crystals!

Yes, is has finally happened – we are officially on Google Play and the App Store!

appstore googleplay



Log in or register via a phone or tablet before April 10th and grab 500 Crystals, or even 1000 Crystals if you log in from both an iOS and an Android device.

Mobile Launch Celebration Tournament

Come visit us on Saturday night (for EU), or early afternoon (for US) and join our FREE celebration tournament with prizes of up to 24 Normal Packs, plus a prize for simply playing the tournament to the end.

Abundant Rewards and New Features

If you haven’t played since January, we have more than a few surprises for you!

Part 1 – New Rewards!

We added achievement rewards, increased rewards from quests, and made Rare/Epic quests appear regularly. If you have some completed achievements, hop on and claim your rewards now.


Achievement rewards plus the mobile sign-up bonus can give you up to 30 packs combined!

Part 2 – New Features!

We have redone or improved large parts of the UI, we added global chat, and we released 8 new cards in January. We now also guarantee Epic and Heroic card drops after a certain number of packs you open.


You will notice a lot of improvements, big and small, scattered throughout the game!

Part 3 – New Prices!

Spellweaver is already a generous game, but to make it even fairer for our paying customers, we recently slashed all our real money prices by as much as 25%.

Monthly Card Releases Starting May

new card3d

To keep the game fresh and interesting, we are starting regular small card releases. Each month, we will have 6-15 brand new cards for you, and there will be an easy way to get them.

Be certain we will make sure that the new cards are awesome and with an impact to the decks being played!

An announcement with more details is coming soon.