Spellweaver Championship Final #14 – The Outcome


If you still haven’t watched this month’s Masters Final, we highly recommend giving it a go. We had a lot of matches that were quite close, and games that went far too long. Other games though completed with lightning speed, as you will shortly see.

We saw 13 players from 11 different countries fight for the title of Spellweaver Champion and the monetary prize of 302 US Dollars. After the dust from the first three rounds settled, we had stanel from Romania against Hrumm from Ukraine against each other in the grand finale.


Game 1 – Zombies vs. Knights


Before we start, let me say that everyone was impressed by Hrumm‘s deck choice of Knights, played with Hermelion, Hand of Justice and mostly using non-Priests. This allowed Hrumm to use Insignia of the Sun for card draw, but did this save him from the Zombie hordes? Read ahead to find out!

stanel opened with a quick Abhorrent Ghoul, and Hrumm answered with an Angel-Blessed Knight to ramp up his level. stanel quickly took care of the Knight using two cards, and rightly so. With Zombies, you really shouldn’t allow your opponent to take the lead even for a second.

While Hrumm struggled with a slow hand to gain some ground (or should I rather say some sky) with a Griffin Rider pumped by Path to Transcendence, stanel was able to bring him down to 8 life. Hrumm tried to stabilize with a Descendant of Divinity, but it was forced to block a 6/3 Zombie Legionnaire courtesy of Consume Spirit.

Then we saw THREE Insignia of the Sun cards being played, but Hrumm got down to 4 life while he tried to mount some defenses. On the next turn, stanel was able to wipe his board with Noxious Fumes and Word of Pain.

Hrumm fought fiercely throughout the entire game, fighting back with card draw from Insignia, Namirs, and Innkeepers (which he used to keep Deadly Undead Necromancers in check), but in the end he succumbed to an amassed Zombie horde.


Game 2 – Burning Rage vs. Knights


Again there was a slow start form Hrumm, but stanel didn’t have a turn two Burning Rage either. A fun thing happened immediately after, when a turn 2 Griffin Rider, enabled by Militant Citadel AND the Spark, was immediately hit with a Fireball.

The game went quickly in a downwards spiral for Hrumm, with his slow hand allowing stanel to burn down every creature he played, and eventually finish Hrumm with Raging Minotaur and assorted other beasts.

And by doing so, stanel became the first Spellweaver Champion from Romania.


You can watch the entire tournament’s coverage on our Twitch channel HERE.

See all the decklists from the tournament HERE.


Here are the final standings:

stanel – 4 points / $302

Hrumm, Delmar, Sandalphon - 3 points

Duall, komsiant, Tauric, CrazyLegs, WarriorMage - 2 points

HallYall, steiner, LidellFer – 1 point

Zadorec - 0 point


  • Round 1

Duall vs. stanel 0 – 2
Warriormage vs. komsiant 1 – 2
HallYall vs. LidellFer 1 – 2
Tauric vs. Sandalphon 2 – 0
Zadorec vs. Hrumm 0 – 2
CrazyLegs vs. steiner 2 – 1


  • Round 2

Delmar vs. Hrumm 1 – 2
Tauric vs. stanel 0 – 2
CrazyLegs vs. komsiant 0 – 2
LidellFer vs. Warriormage 0 – 2
steiner vs. HallYall 1 – 2
Sandalphon vs. Zadorec 2 – 0


  • Round 3

komsiant vs. stanel 1 – 2
Hrumm vs. Duall 2 – 1
Delmar vs. Warriormage 2 – 1
Tauric vs. CrazyLegs 1 – 2
LidellFer vs. steiner 1 – 2
Sandalphon vs. HallYall 2 – 1


  • Round 4

Duall vs. HallYall 2 – 1
komsiant vs. Delmar 0 – 2
CrazyLegs vs. Sandalphon 0 – 2
stanel vs. Hrumm 2 – 0
Warriormage vs. steiner 2 – 0
Tauric vs. LidellFer 2 – 0


Thanks to everyone for participating and following the tournament on Twitch!