Spellweaver Championship Final #13 – The Outcome


Long exciting matches and fun little combos, that’s what I will remember this Masters Final with.

Not the usual huge “I played these three cards in the right sequence, so I deserve to win” combos, just nice little interactions that make decks interesting. For example did you know that Diogen, Wandering Pilgrim could return Pegasus Regiment from the graveyard? Or that you could deal 8 damage with Aezerhis, the Burning Agony in one turn, just with a little help of Infernal Vultures?

Honorable mentions go to cards that “combo” with themselves – two Curse of Rysha are certainly much nastier that one, as well as two Haunt cards triggering every turn proved to be a nearly unsurmountable challenge for a control deck.

We won’t stop at the first three rounds, so here we are, in the final match of Gekkepop against Duall!

We’ve seen Duall quite a lot in Masters lately – he even finished with 3 points in the last one, but I honestly had to look up information about Gekkepop. It turned out that this was his second Masters Final.

In the first game, Gekkepop had an exciting starting hand with Xiara, Sovereign of Souls in it, starting with an early Tombs of the Damned via the Spark, against a turn 3 Angelic Temple. The Temple was causing problems for Gekkepop, being larger than everything he managed to play in the early turns. The board soon became unmanageable for him, as Duall played Diogen, Wandering Pilgrim and a couple more creatures to follow.

In game 2, Gekkepop played a three-aspect Valor deck against Corruption Control. Looking at Duall‘s hand full of removal spells, one would think he would have no trouble sealing the game (and claiming the title!). However, Gekkepop managed to assemble a 3/3 Diogen with the help of Touch of Light – a card many players wouldn’t even expect to see. That allowed him to deal some damage and draw a card off Timea, Magi Wanderer. Duall managed to deal with these threats, but Gekkepop quickly followed up with Shifting Aurite and Temple Guard. Then Duall made a crucial mistake – instead of clearing the board, he played Succubus without really needing it. A timely Master Hunter from Gekkepop left him without options to properly defend himself. The game dragged along for a few more turns, but the win for Gekkepop was only a matter of time.

In the deciding game, Gekkepop was going first with his mono-Corruption Enoch Sacrifice deck. We saw both players playing Tombs of the Damned and trading Zombies for the first couple of turns, until Gekkepop found a Word of Pain to cripple Duall‘s Zombies and take the upper hand. Then Gekkepop also played Haunt on Duall‘s Tombs. At this point, it was already very hard for Duall to recover, but a Shrieking Banshee for 6 (six!) Enchained Souls sealed the game AND the tournament after Duall failed to draw his Suffocate!

Congrats to Gekkepop, whose decks featured some really good techs, and allowed him to claim the title!


You can watch the entire tournament’s coverage on our Twitch channel HERE.

See all the decklists from the tournament HERE.


Here are the final standings:

Gekkepop – 4 points / $250

VanguardX, HallYall, Duall – 3 points

Crystalslime, steiner, Maraut, Taravangian, CrazyLegs, imahoppy – 2 points

LidellFer – 1 point

Hrumm, Zer0Respect – 1 point


  • Round 1

Crystalslime vs. Maraut 2 – 0
Taravangian vs. CrazyLegs 2 – 0
Duall vs. Zer0Respect 2 – 1
Gekkepop vs. steiner 2 – 1
VanguardX vs. Hrumm 2 – 0
LidellFer vs. HallYall 1 – 2


  • Round 2

imahoppy vs. Crystalslime 1 – 2
Taravangian vs. VanguardX 0 – 2
Duall vs. HallYall 2 – 1
Gekkepop vs. Zer0Respect 2 – 0
steiner vs. LidellFer 2 – 0
CrazyLegs vs. Hrumm 2 – 0


  • Round 3

VanguardX vs. Gekkepop 1 – 2
Duall vs. Crystalslime 2 – 0
imahoppy vs. Maraut 0 – 2
Taravangian vs. steiner 2 – 1
HallYall vs. CrazyLegs 2 – 1
Hrumm vs. LidellFer 0 – 2


  • Round 4

Taravangian vs. imahoppy 1 – 2
VanguardX vs. Crystalslime 2 – 0
HallYall vs. Maraut 2 – 1
Duall vs. Gekkepop 1 – 2
steiner vs. Hrumm 2 – 1
LidellFer vs. CrazyLegs 1 – 2


Thanks to everyone for participating and following the tournament on Twitch!