Spellweaver Championship Final #12 – The Outcome


Once again, the metagame has shifted due to recent changes, and we were in for quite an interesting tournament. We saw a lot of new and different decks, as you can check for yourself in our decklist article.

This time, the competition was very fierce. Nearly all the participating players were long time veterans, playing in the Masters Tournaments for quite a lot of time. Only Hrumm and Ante were relatively new players.


Congratulations to old time veteran JeniecSzuji for going UNDEFEATED in this month’s Masters Championship!


In game 1 of the final match, we saw the extremely interesting Enoch Sacrifice deck of JeniecSzuji up against imahoppy‘s Corruption Control. After trading several early creatures for removal spells, JeniecSzuji had a Flesh Sculptor and a summoned Zombie Legionnaire on the field when imahoppy played Tombs of the Damned. The game then went about even for a couple of turns, with JeniecSzuji managing to keep enough pressure while nibbling at the life points of his opponent. His deck proved that it packed a lot of staying power, as he was able to easily keep up despite the Tombs of the Damned, which spawned zombie after zombie. imahoppy was just unable to catch up, even after he played Underworld Scourge to effectively deal with two of his opponent’s creatures, and a Succubus to mend his dwindling life total.

Maybe imahoppy made a mistake in this game by not trading his Succubus for one of his opponent’s attackers, but it was still going to be very hard for him to win this game.

In game 2, JeniecSzuji needed a win with his Wisdom-Dominion Control deck. This time, imahoppy opted for his Diogen Elves and was going first. He had a very quick start, featuring Summoner Druid, Diogen, Wandering Pilgrim, and two level 1 Elves, threatening a very strong hero power turn with the hero skill of Neeva, Child of the Forest. However, JeniecSzuji was able to Cataclysm on the back of two New Horizons. A second Cataclysm basically sealed the game for him, dealing with 3 of the creatures of imahoppy – a Summoner Druid, Diogen, and an Elf Scout.


You can watch the entire tournament’s coverage on our Twitch channel HERE.

See all the decklists from the tournament HERE.


Here are the final standings:

JeniecSzuji- 4 points / $262

imahoppy, Jotto, Duall, Sandalphon – 3 points

ZEMOON, An Album, VanguardX, Cruel_TeK, komsiant, themoom – 2 points

Hrumm, Crystalslime, Aadraf, Ante – 1 point


  • Round 1

VanguardX vs. Sandalphon 0 – 2
ZEMOON vs. Crystalslime 2 – 1
Ante vs. Jotto 2 – 1
Hrumm vs. themoom 0 – 2
JeniecSzuji vs. Aadraf 2 – 0
komsiant vs. An Album 0 – 2
Cruel_TeK vs. Duall 0 – 2


  • Round 2

imahoppy vs. An Album 2 – 0
Sandalphon vs. Duall 1 – 2
JeniecSzuji vs. themoom 2 – 0
Ante vs. ZEMOON 0 – 2
Crystalslime vs. Jotto 1 – 2
Hrumm vs. Aadraf 2 – 0
VanguardX vs. Cruel_TeK 1 – 2


  • Round 3

imahoppy vs. Duall 2 – 0
JeniecSzuji vs. ZEMOON 1 – 0
themoom vs. Ante 2 – 1
Sandalphon vs. An Album 2 – 1
Cruel_TeK vs. komsiant 1 – 2
Jotto vs. Hrumm 2 – 1
Crystalslime vs. Aadraf 0 – 2


  • Round 4

komsiant vs. Jotto 1 – 2
Duall vs. themoom 2 – 0
ZEMOON vs. Sandalphon 0 – 2
JeniecSzuji vs. imahoppy 2 – 0
An Album vs. Ante 2 – 1
Hrumm vs. VanguardX 0 – 2
Aadraf vs. Cruel_TeK 1 – 2


Thanks to everyone for participating and following the tournament on Twitch!