Spellweaver Championship Final #11 – The Outcome


New and exciting cards entered the game less than two weeks ago, and we were in for a new and exciting experience, anticipating all kinds of new decks to pop up. And sure they did!

This time around, the players were in a very interesting situation. The newly released cards could be used to create a really powerful deck, but with Conquest being the tournament format, that meant this deck was likely going to be banned on the spot. As a reminder, in the Conquest format, each player brings three different decks. Each round starts with both players banning one of their opponent’s decks, and whoever secures a win with both of his two remaining decks wins the round. Only the heroes are visible during the banning phase.

So, you could try to “hide” your powerful deck behind an inconspicously looking hero. But, you could also go the “reverse psychology” route, and leave your powerful cards in the Amalric, Holy Knight deck. Your opponent could assume you’ve got your most powerful cards “hidden” under a different hero and NOT ban Amalric. This is just one of the reasons Conquest is awesome!


Congratulations to Thr33 for winning this month’s Masters Championship!


One thing that Thr33 did very smartly with his deck line-up was to distribute the new powerful cards among his three decks. His Amalric Artifact deck features 3x Dwarven Mortar, 2x Steelnor Innkeeper, 3x Timea, Magi Wanderer, and 2x Holy Radiance. His second deck – Diogen Sprouts – had 3x Diogen, Wandering Pilgrim, 4x Triangelica Sentinel, 2x Master Hunter, and 4x Trigon of the Pact. His decay deck with Voidtouched Subordinate used 2x Steelnor Innkeeper, 2x Holy Radiance, and 4x Parallel Evolution.

On his way to the final match, Thr33 defeated former Spellweaver Champion Drygord in round 3. In their first game, Thr33‘s snakes were simply too much for Drygord to overcome with his Amalric Heal deck featuring Priests and Angelic Temple, and Drygord finally succumbed to decay.

In game 2, Thr33 had a slow start, and Gomur Ironbeard was causing him trouble. Thr33 was finally able to deal with it by dealing 3 damage with Holy Radiance, then upgrading a Golem with Renovation Facility to a Dwarven Mortar to finish it off with 2 more damage. What was interesting about this game was that both heroes were Amalric, Holy Knight, but they were barely able to use their hero skills because both players ran Saluxio the Awebringer. In the end, Thr33 was able to make use of his hero power, and finally overpowered Drygord with his growing army of Steel Sentients and secured his spot in the finale.

In the final round, in game 1 The33 was able to quickly get an advantage with his Voidtouched Subordinate deck against Zadorec‘s priests, despite Zadorec playing several Spell Wardens to deny Parallel Evolution. In game 2, we again saw two Amalric, Holy Knight against each other. It was an intense battle, with each player having the advantage at one point, but finally Zadorec amassed enough forces fortified with Might Emblems from Valor to bring the result to 1:1. Game 3 was Thr33‘s Amalric Artifacts deck against Zadorec‘s Healmelion. Zadorec got two Angelic Temples active early, with two Spell Wardens to forbid Holy Radiance and Soul Projection, and it nearly looked like he had secured the win. But he did not have much other action, and Thr33 gradually built his board until Zadorec was forced to concede.

An that’s how Thr33 was able to ride to victory with his smartly designed decks.

Way to go, Thr33!


You can watch the entire tournament’s coverage on our Twitch channel HERE.

See all the decklists from the tournament HERE.


Here are the final standings:

Thr33 – 4 points / $298

Drygord, Zadorec, Crystalslime, imahoppy – 3 points

PutnikAda, Aadraf, Tauric, steiner, stanel, Cruel_TeK – 2 points

Gekkepop, HallYall, ZEMOON, skakiller87 – 1 point

Thrashman – 0 points


  • Round 1

steiner vs. Drygord 1 – 2
skakiller87 vs. Aadraf 0 – 2
Thr33 vs. Gekkepop 2 – 0
Cruel_TeK vs. PutnikAda 1 – 2
Tauric vs. stanel 2 – 0
HallYall vs. imahoppy 1 – 2
Zadorec vs. Thrashman 2 – 0
Crystalslime vs. ZEMOON 2 – 1


  • Round 2

Thr33 vs. Aadraf 2 – 1
Zadorec vs. Tauric 2 – 1
Drygord vs. Crystalslime 2 – 0
imahoppy vs. PutnikAda 0 – 2
steiner vs. Cruel_TeK 2 – 1
HallYall vs. ZEMOON 1 – 2
stanel vs. Thrashman 2 – 1
Gekkepop vs. skakiller87 2 – 1


  • Round 3

Thr33 vs. Drygord 2 – 0
Zadorec vs. PutnikAda 2 – 1
Tauric vs. Crystalslime 1 – 2
Aadraf vs. steiner 2 – 1
imahoppy vs. Gekkepop 2 – 0
ZEMOON vs. stanel 1 – 2
Cruel_TeK vs. Thrashman 2 – 1
HallYall vs. skakiller87 0 – 2


  • Round 4

Tauric vs. Gekkepop 2 – 0
PutnikAda vs. Drygord 1 – 2
Aadraf vs. Crystalslime 1 – 2
imahoppy vs. stanel 2 – 1
Thr33 vs. Zadorec 2 – 1
steiner vs. ZEMOON 2 – 1
Cruel_TeK vs. skakiller87 2 – 0
Thrashman vs. HallYall 1 – 2


Thanks to everyone for participating and following the tournament on Twitch!