Spellweaver Championship Final #10 – The Outcome


The Masters Final is always exciting when new cards enter the meta. What will the players come up with? Are any new decks going to make an appearance?

Indeed they did! As early as round 1, we saw VanguardX using Inherited Wealth in what looked like an Elf Aggro deck. He was playing against a Chalice of Yunx deck featuring Cloning Vat, Guards! Guards!, and Pegasus Regiment.

In round 2, imahoppy won on the back of two Underworld Scourges coming out of Molten Passageway, reinforced by a very timely Dragonfire to clear the board of steiner‘s Healmelion deck. In the deck of imahoppy we also saw Mescatian Phoenix, Noxious Fumes, Aezerhis, the Burning Agony, and Flame Serpent. Pretty unbelievable!

Then just as we thought we had seen everything, suddenly there was a Burning Rage on the VanguardX‘s side of the board. Needless to say, he won to the delight of The Fuzz. Fuzz had picked VanguardX as one of his predictions for winning Masters along with long time veteran, the most active Spellweaver player of all time, Cruel_TeK.

Who do you think we saw in the final match? Well, VanguardX and Cruel_TeK of course!

In game 1, after a relatively slow start of VanguardX, Cruel_TeK was able to clear the board with Zash the Annihilator, winning on the back of his Totems and an Offering Yard Priest quickly after that. In game 2, a free Forced Labor off a Burning Rage was followed by a Cannonade that left Cruel_TeK with no board. Surprisingly, he was able to recover but VanguardX finished him off after he drew a Champion of the Revolt to enable his Tortured Orcs. In game 3, VanguardX took the lead with a quick start from his Healmelion deck that forced Cruel_TeK to use a couple of Soul Flame cards and lose life in the process. Cruel_TeK managed to regain his position on the board, but his own Raging Minotaur was slowly nibbling down his life total. Cruel_TeK amassed a huge board, but he was unable to punch through and in the deciding turn played two Raging Minotaurs to concede the game with style, giving VanguardX the title.

VanguardX, a first time contender for Masters, won the title with a brand new and unexpected deck in his lineup. Congratulations, VanguardX!

See the decklists HERE.

Here are the final standings:

VanguardX – 4 points / $266

adam, Aadraf, Cruel_TeK, imahoppy – 3 points

MrMadaj, HallYall, dunkeldark, Sveiks, Lorenthiel, teyi11- 2 points

Duall, steiner, ZEMOON, Uskafanafa – 1 point


  • Round 1

adam vs. Aadraf 1 – 2
Cruel_TeK vs. Uskafanafa 2 – 1
MrMadaj vs. Lorenthiel 0 – 2
steiner vs. Duall 2 – 0
dunkeldark vs. teyi11 0 – 2
VanguardX vs. ZEMOON 2 – 1
Sveiks vs. HallYall 1 – 2


  • Round 2

imahoppy vs. steiner 2 – 0
Lorenthiel vs. teyi11 2 – 1
Aadraf vs. VanguardX 1 – 2
HallYall vs. Cruel_TeK 1 – 2
adam vs. ZEMOON 2 – 1
Uskafanafa vs. Sveiks 2 – 0
Duall vs. MrMadaj 2 – 0


  • Round 3

imahoppy vs. Cruel_TeK 1 – 2
Lorenthiel vs. VanguardX 0 – 2
steiner vs. Aadraf 1 – 2
Uskafanafa vs. teyi11 0 – 2
HallYall vs. dunkeldark 1 – 2
adam vs. Duall 2 – 1
ZEMOON vs. MrMadaj 0 – 2


  • Round 4

teyi11 vs. adam 1 – 2
imahoppy vs. Lorenthiel 2 – 0
Aadraf vs. dunkeldark 2 – 1
VanguardX vs. Cruel_TeK 2 – 1
Uskafanafa vs. HallYall 1 – 2
steiner vs. MrMadaj 1 – 2
Duall vs. Sveiks 1 – 2


Thanks to everyone for participating and following the tournament on Twitch!