Single Player Campaign Now Available


Spellweaver friends,

with the latest major patch we introduced 1 new hero, 15 new cards, and most importantly – the first Spellweaver single player campaign


Spellweaver Chronicles #1: The Holy Child


Since day one our team wanted to provide the players with a solid single player experience with unique AI battles, entertaining rules, and a greater journey through the interesting lore of Spellweaver. We’ve been working hard on this fresh content and the time to let you have it has finally come! Hop in!


The campaign brings you the following:

  • 15 new cards and 1 new hero
  • 10 main missions and 10 side mission with unique gameplay
  • Thought-provoking Hardcore Mode and tricky Challenges for added replayability
  • Narrative Events that alter the player’s experience depending on his choices
  • Intriguing story uncovering more of the Spellweaver lore
  • Thematic cosmetic rewards for the completionists



1x Amalric, Holy Knight
4x Trigon of the Pact
4x Sentry of the Light
4x Holy Radiance
4x Steelnor Innkeeper
4x Temple Guard
4x Companion of the Heavens
4x Triangelica Sentinel
4x Parallel Evolution
4x Arcadian Visionary
4x Timea, Magi Wanderer
4x Tidal Wave
4x Bark Convoy
4x Master Hunter
4x Dwarven Mortar
4x Diogen, Wandering Pilgrim


All of this content* is now available in the client for a Crystals transaction. The main package includes the list of cards posted above. You will receive all of them simply by completing the 10 Main Missions.

You will also receive 50 cards released before the Spellweaver Chronicles #1: The Holy Child campaign to grow your collection and help you build great decks. The whole package screams “generous” and it’s designed to give you great bang for your buck.

We know you are very eager to dive into the action, but there are lot of questions that come to your mind. So, here is a short FAQ for you:


What is the Hardcore Mode and the Challenges? How can I get the unique cosmetic rewards?

Hardcore Mode applies to the Main Missions and adds an entertainingly unfair element to the battles, bringing reinforcements to your adversary once every few turns. Completing a mission in Hardcore Mode will give you one Golden Star. The Challenges are linked to the Side Missions where you will have to perform a certain feat in order to win Silver Stars. By collecting all Golden and Silver Stars you will be rewarded a unique card back and a foil hero!

What are the Narrative Events?

Narrative Events are interactive pieces of the story where the player is given the choice of how the narrative will continue. Depending on your choices you will receive different number of new and powerful cards and additional modifiers will be added to the game-play for your next battle.

How can I get the new cards released with the Spellweaver Chronicles #1: The Holy Child? Are these cards part of the Season #1: Valiant Dawn set?

All cards introduced with Spellweaver Chronicles #1: The Holy Child are part of the Valiant Dawn set. All new cards are included in all of the different types of Packs and are available for crafting.

The new hero Amalric, Holy Knight can be acquired by purchasing the campaign or by crafting.

What is the Holy Child story all about? 

In Spellweaver Chronicles #1: The Holy Child you take the role of an aspiring young Spellweaver named Amalric. Your hero will gather a loyal party of think-alikes, he will train his magical skills and then join the fight against Aamon, Lord of Corruption. Given a very significant and urgent task by the Holy Amendment, he will do the impossible to save a certain very important infant from the grasp of Evil.

All these events take place after the signing of The Trigon Pact. An alliance formed between the Good factions (representing Order, Wisdom, and Nature) under the threat of the common enemy. So, you can expect a lot of adventures and interactions between Knights, Elves, Magi. and all your favorite characters and races.


Hope you enjoy the campaign! May the cards be with you!


* DISCLAIMER – Spellweaver Chronicles #1: The Holy Child is available only in English at this point.