Prepare to Take Part in the Spellweaver Chronicles


Fellow Spellweavers,

The long awaited first single-player campaign will be here soon – the release has been set to the 30th of March. Hold on tight and prepare to take part in the


Spellweaver Chronicles #1: The Holy Child


Evil is growing strong in the lands of Asperia. Some of the factions are uniting under the threat of the common enemy. A new league is formed after the signing of The Trigon Pact. For forty days and forty nights the Ivian Priests, the wise Magi Archonts and the proud Elvari Princes debated on an ancient stone table whether to join forces. You will take the role of a promising young Cleric-Knight on a quest to become a true Spellweaver. Seeking retribution and driven by his zealous faith in Order your hero will serve as a weapon in the hands of the Pact.

Will he succeed to save a certain very important infant from the grasp of Aamonm or his great feats will be all in vain? Play the campaign to find out!


Campaign Features:

  • 15 new cards and 1 new hero
  • 10 main missions and 10 side mission with unique gameplay
  • Thought-provoking Hardcore Mode and tricky Challenges for added replayability
  • Narrative Events that alter the player’s experience depending on his choices
  • Intriguing story uncovering more of the Spellweaver lore
  • Thematic cosmetic rewards for the completionists


Knights of the Pact


Welcome to the first reveal of campaign cards in which we showcase the new keyword we are introducing. The Valor keyword reflects the willingness of the parties from The Trigon Pact (Order, Wisdom and Nature) to help each other in the fight against the forces of Evil.













Valor is always followed by a number. When you play a creature with Valor you can immediately make your forces stronger by putting Might Emblem(s) on that many different creatures.

You can also choose the creature with Valor that you just played. So Sentry of the Light is basically a 1 ATK / 2 HP / 2 SP creature, with the added extra of being able to act as a Touch of Light on legs when you need it to.

But that is not all – there are cards that make use of Might Emblems. Each aspect from the Pact has its own unique way of doing that.

Triangelica Sentinel will protect each of your creatures with a Might Emblem from nearly anything for the cost of simply removing one Might Emblem. Of course with the Sentinel having Valor 2 you will most likely have these laying around.

Do you find Cataclysm, Consume Spirit or Lord Karthas, Deathspeaker hard to answer? If you have a Triangelica Sentinel on the field, all these cards can do to you is lose you a couple of Might Emblems!


More Teasers and Reveals


Exciting, isn’t it? More card reveals are coming soon, so make sure you follow our Facebook page and you watch the Spellweaver streams on Twitch, as well as the videos of the active Spellweaver content creators.

May the cards be with you!