Open Beta Plan Announcement


Hello everybody! A lot of things have happened regarding Spellweaver recently and we’re ready to share some big news with you.

But first, thanks to all our dedicated beta players who are reporting back on bugs and sharing their feedback on game design, cards, visuals, game economy etc. With their help we have already released more than 10 important updates. The game is becoming polished and increasingly appealing to the players!

In order to show our gratitude to those that helped the team during the Closed Beta, we will reward all participants with one Normal Pack for each ten games they played during that period (capped at 50 Packs). You will receive this reward on the start of our next phase: the Open Beta.

On Steam Greenlight we are currently halfway towards our goal to reach the top 100. If you haven’t voted for us yet, please do so now by clicking the banner on the right!

Also, official leaderboards will be added to Spellweaver’s Closed Beta this coming week, giving players a new challenge - competing with the other players in Ranked games, and achieving one of the best ratings. The top-ranked players of the leaderboards will be rewarded regularly! Are you ready?

Last, but not least, the most important news – we are finally ready to move into Open Beta on April 24th, 2015. UPDATE: The Open Beta is now delayed further by 3-6 weeks – details hereAlthough this is a month later than previously stated, our commitment to providing a quality product that is both engaging and rewarding is our top priority. We want to make sure all of our players will have an incredible experience playing Spellweaver when we eventually open the game to the public. Quality trumps all else when you want to provide the best possible gaming experience!


The features that will be added when the Open Beta starts are:

  • Fame Mechanic
  • Fame Leaderboards
  • Spellweaver Trials


And one last thing: when Open Beta starts our contribution campaign will be over. All contributors will be rewarded accordingly as promised. That also means that anybody who is interested in joining as a contributor has to do so before we move into Open Beta.


The bonuses awarded when the Open Beta starts will be:

  • 1 Normal Pack for every 10 games played for all the Closed Beta participants
  • All bonuses from our support tiers/contribute campaign to our contributors


Feel free to join the discussions in our forums and don’t forget to follow us on social media for more news and fun!

Thank you!