New Cards and 6 More Reasons to Play Now


Our new 15-card package was just released!

As always, these are all high-impact cards that will change the decks that are played.

But this is only one reason to start playing once again.


Six More Reasons to Play Now


1. Change of game direction towards creatures and combat.

All cards you once probably hated – Cataclysm, Fireball, Burning Rage, Nightmare Stallion, etc. are now radically changed. Decks that were a pain to play against, such as Cataclysm Control, Rage Rush, Decay, Reanimator, and one turn combos, are largely gone.

I am making an active effort to bring the game back to its roots – creature combat and interesting tactical decisions, and will continue doing so. Balance problems are now handled quickly and with resolve.

2. Tournament leagues.

Our biggest recent feature are the Tournament Leagues. They last for 3 weeks, and you gather points by playing in tournaments in 3 different formats. There is a League Leaderboard and the top 10 get amazing prizes.

You think you can’t make it to top 10? There are still reasons to play:
- you can also win prizes in each separate tournament
- we have a Beginners League for players up to level 29 with much less competition
- we give away one free League Ticket each week!

The next league season starts on Monday, June 8th!

3. New game format – Legendary.

Speaking of Tournament Leagues, this month we are introducing a new game format for the Pro League.

In the Legendary format, you can only have exactly one Legendary card in your deck. However, you can always play this card as though it was in your hand. Every time you do, its cost increases by 2 mana.

Which is the best legendary card to build your deck around?

4. Codes for free product every month.

This month’s code is PackPartyJune and it provides 7 Normal Packs.

5. 60% crystals off all old card release packages.

If you need to catch up with your collection, now is the perfect time. Old card release packages are at a huge discount until June 13th.

6. Spellweaver will never go offline or stop being updated.

With a lone developer doing everything, you might think updates to the game would be slow – and you’d be right, to an extent.

While I can’t really release expansions with hundreds of cards, I make sure everything I do matters. As you can see, a lot has happened in Spellweaver lately.

I am currently bringing the Ancients Rising season to an end, and we will have a couple more 15-card expansions from it by the end of 2020. Then, in 2021, a new Core Set will be created from the best and hopefully most loved cards currently in the game. We will start a new season with another theme in 2021 and you can bet it will be something exciting.

In the meantime, I will be working on small improvements on the game in general, based on player suggestions in Discord (see below for a link).


Reasons not to Play


Spellweaver is currently supported only by me, a lone developer, with the help of independent artists. It will likely never be a major game with an audience in the millions and huge esports events.

However, the game is being developed with a lot of love and care. We have a small but dedicated community, ready to help old and new players alike. We all hope to see you in the game soon.

Let’s talk on Discord