Masters Finals #45 Postponed


Dear players,

Due to technical reasons, we are forced to postpone Masters #45. It is an unfortunate development, but we do have a plan for making the replacement tournament more exciting. For details on that, you can skip to the end of the article now.

We apologize for this problem, and we hope for your support and understanding!

What Went Wrong?

The leaderboard rankings of the top players in the Ranked Leaderboard, a.k.a. the Rating Race, failed to conclude on Feb 1st due to a software error. We announced that the rankings will be taken on Feb 7th instead as we work to fix the problem.

However, things didn’t go as planned after the attempted steps taken to fix the issue. With no time left to qualify the players, we cannot go ahead with the tournament.

Technical details: The culprit was a complex database query for the rankings, for which the driver returned a timeout. We tweaked the DB parameters to work around the problem, and while the test attempts to run the query went fine, today the ranking failed with the same problem.

Backup Plan #2

We were going through a lot of different variants today. One thing was clear – we needed to reschedule the tournament. However, due to the way the Masters qualifications works, there was no way we could have the tournament for both February and March happen independently. So, we are going to merge them.

Masters #45 will be postponed to the start of March with the following parameters:

  • Date: March 7th, 2020
  • Number of players: 22
  • Number of rounds: 5 (4 if 16 players or less join)
  • First prize: 500 USD (+2/3 of donations from Master’s Fund)
  • Second prize: 250 USD (+1/3 of donations from Master’s Fund)

The players who already qualified will keep their tickets. There will be three additional weeks of qualifier tournaments, which will qualify 6 more players, and we will have 10 more when the Rating Race ends on March 1st.

Although this entire development is unsettling, we will at least have a tournament with an increased prize pool and probably also an updated metagame – we will likely be ready with our balance update until then.

We hope it will be one amazing tournament!

Best regards,
the Spellweaver team