Masters Championship Final #3 – The Outcome


Peacekeepr does it again! A second Masters win for the Spellweaver star!


The Spellweaver Masters Championship Final #3 is now history. It happened on 7th of August, 2016. The best thirteen Spellweaver players from last month and three brave Wildcards competed for a prize pool of total $2337.

The lineup of the tournament was very powerful indeed! Both previous champions Peacekeepr and Lorenthiel qualified, along with the big names of the competitive scene: Jotto, Clone, Cruel_TeK and PewQ. While Uskafanafa, Kreur and LidellFer were expected to be dangerous match-ups, as well. Debutantes this time were CloudOTStars, Starwatcher, scraptime and Sveiks. The three promising Wildcards were famous card game player stancifka, one of the oldest Spellweaver Youtubers Blinky and the Spanish content creator Damkalloh.

Unfortunately, LidellFer was not able to attend the tournament, so It became a 15 man battle since the start. Another misfortune happened at the start of Round 1 – due to connectivity issue the first game of Peacekeepr dropped him with a delay in a situation where he was receiving serious damage to his face. He decided to resign that game, but won the other two against Uskafanafa. He then marched through Cruel_TeK and previous champion Lorenthiel in rounds 2 and 3 to face Jotto in the final. The deciding battle between Peacekeepr and Jotto was a heavy mirror (Burning Rage-s and Vamp Lamp-s) showcasing very well the quint essence of the long ruling meta. Peacekeepr was able to prevail 2-1 and became the first Spellweaver player that won two Spellweaver Masters Championship titles so far. Kudos!

Jotto and Lorenthiel were pretty impressive as always, but the big surprise was CloudOTStars coming out of nowhere to snatch 3 points. Another achievement was unlocked during the tournament – Blinky became the first Wildcard to enter “cash zone”. Cheers to all of them!

Watch the recorded broadcast HERE.

Check out all the decks HERE.

And here are the final standings:

Peacekeepr – 4 points / 714$

Jotto, Lorenthiel, CloudOTStars, Kreur – 3 points / 238$

Cruel_TeK, Sveiks, PewQ, Uskafanafa, Clone, Blinky – 2 points / 119$

Damkalloh, Starwatcher, scraptime, stancifka – 1 point



  • Round 1

Clone vs. scraptime 2 – 1
Blinky vs. Sveiks 0 – 2
Uskafanafa vs. Peacekeepr 1 – 2
Jotto vs. Damkalloh 2 – 0
stancifka vs. PewQ 1 – 2
Starwatcher vs. Lorenthiel 0 – 2
Kreur vs. Cruel_TeK 1 – 2


  • Round 2

CloudOTStars vs. Jotto 0 – 2
Sveiks vs. Lorenthiel 0 – 2
Clone vs. PewQ 0 – 2
Cruel_TeK vs. Peacekeepr 1 – 2
stancifka vs. Uskafanafa 0 – 2
scraptime vs. Kreur 0 – 2
Blinky vs. Starwatcher 2 – 1


  • Round 3

Peacekeepr vs. Lorenthiel 2 – 0
PewQ vs. Jotto 0 – 2
CloudOTStars vs. Damkalloh 2 – 0
Sveiks vs. Cruel_TeK 2 – 1
Uskafanafa vs. Clone 0 – 2
Kreur vs. Blinky 2 – 0
stancifka vs. Starwatcher 2 – 1


  • Round 4

Clone vs. Kreur 1 – 2
PewQ vs. Lorenthiel 0 – 2
CloudOTStars vs. Sveiks 2 – 0
Jotto vs. Peacekeepr 1 – 2
Cruel_TeK vs. Damkalloh 2 – 0
Uskafanafa vs. scraptime 2 – 0
Blinky vs. stancifka 2 – 0


Fuzz and Boltor did well commenting on the event, bringing excitement and top notch analysis on a quite heavy and uninspiring battles. Hopefully next month’s Masters Championship Final will bring us great emotions and moments to remember, opening the gates for new meta decks including expansion cards.

Congrats to all participants! Thanks to all the audience! May the cards be with you!