March Balance Patch!


Dear Spellweavers,

Finally we are able to bring you the balance changes announced on the last Masters stream, including dozens of buffed cards!

The patch was delayed due to some very unpleasant problems with our iOS version, partly outside our control as external software libraries and requirements from Apple are changing. But that’s now history, so let’s enjoy the changes, right?

Before digging into the details, let me share some important news:

1. To make it up to you for the delay, we are going to hold THREE FREE (!!!) Crystals Freeroll tournaments at different times on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (the Sunday one will be conquest).

2. We have changed our minds and Skatador’s Bidding remains in its current form – changing it was just too risky.

3. You can quickly see all changed cards in the Collection screen – simply type “changed” into the search box!

Here are the new versions of all cards that were changed in this update:

In addition, the rarities of Cloning VatDescendant of Divinity, and Primal Battle were increased, so you won’t encounter them so often in limited formats (Draft Tournaments and Spellweaver Trials). To balance things, the rarity of Symbol of Fate and Mistress of the Shadows were decreased.

List of Changes

Path to Transcendence – You don’t get your creature back when Path is destroyed (yes, this card has been toned down!)
Unbreakable Spirit – Reverted to last version (drawing a card now costs 1 mana, was 2 mana)
The Grand Institute – The skill provided was changed to let you pick the level you want, but cost and cooldown were increased.
Runelit Incarnate – The starting energy is now equal to your Wisdom level (was 1).
Word of Knowledge – The card has been redesigned, so you are now able to be net positive in the cards drawn at large Wisdom levels.
Library Guards – Card drawing upon entering the field is now without a cost (as it was before), but required level is double Wisdom.
Steel Sentient – Now summons a Drone upon entering the field.
Magi Expedition – Slight redesign, allowing you to pay Energy to get Protected for a turn. Stats changed to 6 ATK/7 HP/1 SP (was 8/8/0).
Kaainu, Edge of the Spear – We reverted this hero to its former, much more glorious form.
Sprouting Totem – Summons 2 Shooting Sprouts per activation, but energy decreased to 2 (was 3).
Birchwood Invoker – Stats buffed, +1 starting energy.
Totem of the Moon – Now puts 2 Might Emblems on creatures you control upon activation, instead of providing temporary +1 ATK/+1 HP.
Fae of Charm – The power to take an enemy creature for the duration of the attack made optional.
Fia, Dragon Daughter – The card has been redesigned. It now deals damage upon dying.
Goblin Looter – The card has been redesigned to draw cards off of destroyed creatures that have Target Emblems.
Merchant of Souls – Slight redesign, now it gains energy when you lose life the first time in a turn.
Erulak Warborn – The two powers were swapped (you can now damage all creatures without a level 4 requirement).
Despina, Insatiable Soul – The hero power has been redesigned to make a creature Deadly for a turn.
Moon Priestess – HP and SP buffs.
Murderous Chieftain – There is an extra option to sacrifice 1 creature and pay 1 mana when playing it.
Dread Knight – Added an extra power to prevent him from being blocked except by 2 or more creatures.
Tren, Birchwood Guardian – Putting a Might Emblem now starts at 1 mana, and is increased by 1 mana with each new Might Emblem.
Jakri, Riot Instigator – The power to put Target Emblems made optional.
Power Shot – It now allows friendly creatures to be damaged too.

Until April 4th, you will be able to unbind all cards that were NOT made strictly better for the full shrine value. In addition, you will be able to craft the cards with increased rarity for the old shrine value, and unbind the cards with decreased rarity for the previous, greater, shrine value.

We hope you all will enjoy these changes, and don’t forget to come over for the Crystals Freeroll party!

Sincerely yours,
the Spellweaver team