Localization and Friend Referral Program


Hello Spellweavers,

We are certain you enjoy playing games in your own language. We know you absolutely love competing in Spellweaver with your friends. We believe you like getting all kinds of bonuses as well.

That’s why we have now introduced

The Spellweaver Friend Referral Program


9 New Languages


with our latest patch, making all this possible!

You can now earn great rewards for inviting your buddies to play Spellweaver. Share your unique Referral Code or Link with your friends and earn the following resources as they progress in the game:

- 10 000 Gold for every 5 Fame levels reached

- 10% of their purchases converted into Crystals

When your friends sign up they get 75 000 Gold for free!




Finally, you can play Spellweaver in German, French, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Czech, Portuguese (Brazil), Dutch, and Simplified Chinese. How cool is that? Or should we say¿Cuan genial es eso?  or Wie cool ist das denn?

In a few words – there is no better time to recruit your friends that still hesitate whether to try Spellweaver or not. Go get them in and take the rewards! It’s a win-win for everybody!

May the cards be with you!