January Balance Update


Welcome to our balance update!

In addition to addressing cards that pose immediate problems, this update also makes changes to some cards that might potentially cause problems in the future.

Two things in particular that we want to address in this update, are too cheap and convenient card-drawing and unlimited ramp. These two mechanics, especially in combination, lead to games where it is possible for one player to consistently reach a point with a lot of mana at his disposal and many cards in his hand. If this can be consistently done, it is not very hard to come up with a game-winning combination of cards and win on the spot.

This usually leads to games that drag for quite a while, and are followed by a one-turn win. This is not exactly interesting gameplay, and we would like to limit it by taking care of the underlying reasons that allow it, rather than simply removing the cards that are used for the actual victory.

In addition, we are making several changes to recently released cards that we thought were okay after testing, but whose potential we hugely underestimated. You the players are always smarter than us, the game designers, and it is one point that we should keep in mind.

As always, you will have 7 days to unbind any changed cards for their full shrine value, so if a deck you are currently playing is no longer viable you can easily switch to another one.

List of Changes

Ytix, Realm Guardian – you need to pay 1 mana to draw a card when you gain a new hero skill
Stronghold Metropolis – cooldown 2, 1 mana activation
Soldiers Memorial – cooldown 2
Amethyst Scarab – now costs 3 mana, and the play boost condition for gaining a mana crystal is “if you have 6 or less mana crystals” instead of “pay 1 mana”
Unbreakable Spirit - cost to draw a card increased to 2 mana
Fateful Day – cost increased to 6 mana
Arctic Shelter – can only target creatures of level 2 or less, activation cost increased to 2 mana
Symbol of Growth – reduced HP bonus to 1 HP, now it provides +3 ATK/+1 HP
Krip, the Last Gatekeeper – is a level 3 card now, also the force attack power changed to “Whenever an enemy creature dies, you may pay 2 mana and 1 life to draw a card.”
Parallel Evolution – requires 2 Wisdom levels now
Wall in the North – down to 4 HP; the Freeze power is now locked behind a W level
Dragon Assault – base cost 1 mana, requires mana payment capped to 3 mana instead of 4 life; additional damage from Dragons you control reduced to 1
Boar Rider – has the same restriction when blocking (only block cards with Target emblems)
Totem of Legends – down to 2 energy
Path to Transcendence – the card was only used for degenerate one-turn kill combos, so we have completely redesigned the card to interact with Human creatures in a new way
Shifting Aurite – has fixed 3 ATK; gains +2 ATK if you have levels in all non-Wisdom aspects
Aamon, Demon Overlord – as a creature, Aamon has only 1 SP now to prevent him from being unreachable to attacks in combination with Hands from Beyond