Get Ready for Halloween!


Halloween is fast approaching, and the Zombies, Vampires, and Spirits of Asperia are planning an invasion. Our Magi prophets are foretelling that the invasion will start as soon as Monday, October 30th!

Win prizes worth more than 2000 Crystals ($40)!


This time, our Magi tell us, the onslaught will be particularly fierce. One particular shabby mage nicknamed Wonky even told us he spotted Elder Red Dragons in his visions. Could it be true, or is he just craaazey?

Join our offensive against the Halloween hordes on Monday and see for yourself!


Be Hardcore!


For five days, you will be presented with unique Halloween challenges. If that’s not nearly enough for you, you will also be able to tackle them in Hardcore Mode. Are you brave enough?

Be warned though, these Halloween bosses are tough!

Fight them with courage and don’t forget to bring your best deck. If you are playing through Steam, you might consider the prebuilt DLC decks we have in store – we recently slashed their prices in half.


Have a very creepy Halloween and may the cards be with you!