Full Valiant Dawn Playset – and More!


When I created Spellweaver, I wanted as many players as possible to be able to enjoy it. Still, I was running a company and I had to make money. The way to make money was to make the players buy cards.

I was facing a dilemma. I didn’t want to make the game expensive to play, yet I had to have enough income to support my team. So, I had to compromise. I made the game generous enough, so that you could grind to full collection by playing. To make up for that, I made the cards expensive to buy.

In this way, I thought, the players who could afford it and didn’t want to grind would support the game, while the rest could play for free.

However, in hindsight, it was the wrong type of compromise. It made our supporters spend a lot, while to the rest of the players, Spellweaver just looked expensive.

That’s why, I am making 80% of the game absolutely free now. In this way, I can:
1. Give everybody the opportunity to enjoy Spellweaver.
2. Make it clear that Spellweaver is and wants to be generous.
3. See whether the game would still be profitable.

As I am supporting Spellweaver all by myself now, I can afford to do this little experiment. All your financial support will be HUGELY appreciated.

How do I get my free cards?

Get a code from the Steelseries Games site here.

You will get the entire Valiant Dawn set, and when you reach level 20 (or immediately if you are level 20 or above), you will unlock the first three Ancients Rising release packages.

Here is a list of decks you can try building – they require some newer cards, but except for the Faeries deck, these are not strictly necessary.

Make sure to tell your friends!

NOTE: Some countries seem to be region-locked by Steelseries (you will get a message about no codes left). You can get past that by using a VPN, or you can write at support@spellweaver-tcg.com and I will get you a code within 24 hours.

Are there any other promotions going on?

Yes! We have our Winter Holidays promo ending on January 1st, which grants you Gift Boxes for any purchase you make with both Gold and Crystals.

In addition, the monthly code for December is HappyHolidays, and it provides you with extra 7 Gift Boxes.

Any other news that I missed?

I sent an email a while ago with 8 reasons to play Spellweaver. These include:

Change of game direction: The game is becoming more and more focused on creature interaction and combat. Play no games where all your creatures just get destroyed!

Tournament leagues: New game formats such as Budget and Legendary, amazing league prizes, and generous tournament rewards await you in the Pro and Beginners leagues!

New December cards: Faeries are making it to the top deck spot with this release, and we have a lot of other amazing cards in it as well!

The December package is the last one from the Ancients Rising season. I will be working on a new Core Set from the best and hopefully most loved cards currently in the game. After the new Core Set comes out, we will get a new card season going.

I hope to see you soon in the game I love and care about!

Let’s talk on Discord – https://discord.gg/kuMTPWh

Thank you for your support,

Ivko Stanilov