Deck analysis #8: Hermelion green


Hello Spellweavers!

I am Rinriet, a Spellweaver regular with three Masters Championship titles. I welcome you back to my article series, where I analyze a deck every week.

For an extensive list of competitive decks, you can check out my What is META? article.

Today I wanted to make a guide about a well known deck. I thought about three of them, but very good guides for them had already been made:
Wisdom Rage Control by Duall
Hermelion Heal by An Album
Polar Bears by Rinriet

Anyway, I bring you a powerful deck with a lot of history: Hermelion Green. I’ll show one specific version of it, with a focus on high speed creatures. Another version of the deck focuses on generating value with Jungle Deathtrap and Instill Life, usually called Traplock.

The main purpose of this deck is to finish off the opponent as quickly as possible. To do that, the deck uses high speed creatures to bypass blockers (in fact, this version only uses 3 and 4 speed creatures), and Hermelion’s Tireless March to benefit twice from your board advantage.

  • Why should you try this deck?

- It is a good aggro deck that can pull off insane bursts of damage.

- The high-speed-only concept makes the deck unique in playstyle and shows the beauty of this particular mechanic of the game.

- It is easy to learn as long as you know basic maths :)

  • What are the deck’s weaknesses?

- It is very susceptible to removal spells, especially Suffocate.

- It runs out of cards very fast.

  • Deck List

Hero: 1x Hermelion, Hand of Justice

4x Elf Scout
4x Elf Warrior
2x Silver Fang
2x Sunrise Faerie
2x Venerated Unicorn
3x Haldiri Rider
4x Cavalry Field Captain
3x Namir of the Blinding Light
3x Gomur Ironbeard
4x Ambush Strike
3x Tidal Wave
3x Tornado Outbreak
2x Landslide
2x Instill Life
9x Order Shrine
10x Nature Shrine
  • How to play the deck?

- For your starting hand you want a decent curve. That means at least one Elf Scout and one 2-drop. Against aggro, one Ambush Strike in the early game can be crucial.

- Level order is: Nature first, and then two Order. Sometimes you get a lot of early nature cards and you delay leveling a little, but sometimes you need to level up fast and play a Namir of the Blinding Light as soon as you can.

- The game plan is simple: play creatures, click the green button. Once you have enough damage and mana, use the hero skill and click the green button twice in a row.

- Your hero skill has good synergy with any damage buff, like Ambush Strike. Try to benefit from them twice!

- Every turn, think about doing lethal damage. It might be closer than you think. Even from an empty board, Haldiri Rider with an Ambush Strike and a hero activation can deal 10 damage for 7 mana. Try to set it up, don’t waste too many resources trading creatures.

- If possible, play Namir of the Blinding Light with one extra mana to benefit from his buff immediately.

- If you have at least one CFC (Cavalry Field Captain) and a Namir in the field, and you use your hero skill, in the first attack it’s better to activate Namir to buff the CFC than to attack with it, you will deal more damage. The CFC is a Knight and will improve the buff.

- Remember that if one of your creatures was Shocked, using your heropower will allow it to attack. That makes Hermelion a good counter to Daris Stormborn


  • Alternative card choices

- Jungle Deathtrap: Against most control decks, it’s a very good 2-drop that can make the match last only a few turns. Put it in the place of the Faeries and the Landslides.

- Reincarnation Spirit: It is slow, but helps a little with staying power, against discard, and against Johrails Silencer.

- Trigon of the Pact: It can allow a hero skill activation with only 2 levels, and can serve as a buff late in the game.

- Fae of Charm: If you are using Trigon, it’s a good surprise finisher against control decks (where you can charm Phoenix or Karthas).

- Diogen, Wandering Pilgrim: Diogen adds versatility (can bring to hand an Ambush Strike, Tidal Wave, Elf Scout, or a shrine), and if he doesn’t get killed, you can snowball very well.

- Touch of Light: Surprise! Better trades, and puts Namir out of Fireball range.

- Arrow Barrage: An alternative for removal against flying creatures or 2HP creatures based decks (Swarming Spider, mirror matches).

- Solemn Prayer: If you go to a Traplock oriented deck, play those to have one Jungle Deathtrap always on the field.


  • What are the common matchups?

The favorable matchups are control ones (even better if you run Deathtraps) and midrange decks that lack high speed blockers.

Any deck that lacks early removal spells and relies on 2-speed blockers will suffer. Even anti-aggro decks like Polar Bears can get overwhelmed.

With a good hand it can beat most of the other aggro decks too.


The unfavorable matchups are midrange decks with high speed blockers, and any Suffocate deck.

Corruption control can be extremely hard to deal with: cheap removal, Suffocate, and Haunt for Gomur.

Valor Rage can deal face damage faster than you, and force you to trade and play defensively (something you don’t want to do).


I hope you liked the guide! If anyone has a suggestion or comment, feel free to send me a forum message, add me in-game, or talk on the game’s discord.