December Card Release


Our December release from the Ancients Rising season has just gone online!

The set features the new Invoke mechanic and some sub-themes including Dragons, multiaspect cards, colorless Ancient spells, life loss, and a “10 life or less” mechanic.

Our players say the new cards are interesting and thought-provoking, and we’d be really happy if we managed to accomplish that!

Watch our card reveal stream here!

Invocations and Invoke

An Invocation spell enters the field as a non-creature spell when it is initially played. You can turn it into a creature later by “invoking” it, with each Invocation having a different condition for that.

When you invoke multiple Invocations at the same time, you choose one of them and it becomes a creature. In the case of Woodland Revenant this also means putting it onto the field if it is invoked from your graveyard.

Colorless Ancient Spells

These powerful colorless spells can be played in any deck, but what is more, all of them feature the Ancient mechanic. Ancient means “you can play this card as a shrine for +1 Card, +1 Mana”, so basically if you don’t need the spell effect of any of those cards you can simply use it to get a new mana crystal and a new card.

In the case with Arcane Summoning, this is even more useful. You can play the spell for its effect, and with the Play Boost for 2 mana also use it as your shrine for the turn!


Angels, Demons, Walls, and Oh My…

The December set is wrapped up by these cards we would call nothing less than exciting!

Wall in the North lets you effectively stymie all the attack efforts of your opponent – this Wall is so huge that the enemy creatures have no other choice but attack it!

Fallen Angel is a welcome addition to an Angels deck with Angelic Emanation, and can be a Swift 3/3 with 3 speed on turn 3,

Grim Abomination lets you get rid of unwanted cards from the top of your opponent’s deck – or your own, and it certainly packs a punch too. Excellent for decay and control decks!

We will let you speculate about the use of Archibald and Dragon Assault yourself :)


We are releasing cards from Ancients Rising in batches of 10-15 cards every couple of months. A full package including a playset of each card is available for purchase. The next two releases are expected in March and May 2019.

December’s card package costs 2,400 Crystals or 600,000 Gold. Currently we have a promotion which will give you the May package free if you purchase any other card package, including the December package.