Custom Tournaments Beta Starts August 8th


Dear players,

We are immensely sorry about the delays in this feature’s development. We were hugely enthusiastic about bringing the custom tournaments to you, however this time just about everything seems to work against us.

That said, development is almost complete – we are allowing ourselves one more week for final touches and porting the user interface to mobile. All of you will be able to try out our new custom tournaments starting August 8th.

For more details about the feature itself, please check out our previous article.

Beta Test Details

This feature proved to be unexpectedly challenging to implement, and even more challenging to test without a real player base for the tournaments. We expect some bugs, hopefully minor, to pop out, and we need your help testing it all out.

The good news is that everyone will be able to participate in custom tournaments starting August 8th. However, we are looking for volunteers to test creating player-run custom tournaments.

To qualify for a beta tester you need:

  • to be willing to spend Crystals to host your own tournament(s). In case of problems with your tournament, you will be fully refunded the Crystals you spent.
  • to report bugs and help us out with resolving each encountered issue.

Please join our Discord server if you haven’t already and look for the #custom-tournaments-beta to enroll for a beta tester.

Hopefully we will have some jolly good time together soon!

Ivko and the man in the shadows