Big Update: Foil Cards And More


Hello fellow Spellweavers,

We released quite а big update on 21st of September, introducing some long awaited features and improvements such as


Foil Cards, New AI Opponents, And More Generous Tournament Prizes


You can check all patch notes HERE, but let’s get you through the most important news now.


The Foil Cards


The Foil Cards are a super cool feature for the ones that want to add more bling to their Spellweaver arsenal. Designed to resemble real-life physical foils, the Spellweaver Foil Cards carry a pleasant old school vibe.

You can get Foil Cards from every type of Pack you open. Here are some important details:

- Premium Packs have double the chance of granting foils

- Foil Cards have higher crafting costs as follows: Common x25, Uncommon x15, Rare x6, Epic x4, Heroic x3

- Foils also have much greater unbind value: they unbind for the same number of Shrines needed to craft a normal card of the same rarity

To kickstart your Foil Card collection you will get foil cards for all cards you obtained from the date the expansion was released onward, plus 5 extra! Collectors and completionists – rejoice!


New AI Opponents


More variety in the AI opponents was something requested very often from the community, and we are finally able to provide. We added SIX new PvE Challenges opponents. All of them are Rare and give nice rewards. We also added FOUR new Hard AI opponents that will test the skills even of the best players and are a fair opposition to the strongest decks.


More Generous Tournament Prizes


This is another improvement we made after we listened to the call of the community. The old tournament prizes were a bit underwhelming, and the tournaments schedule really needed more variety. To answer that, we:

- Added more tournament types

- Increased the prize pools of all tournaments

- Added two new bonus prizes: the Completion Bonus and the Top Bonus


The dev team is hopeful that these new features and improvements will make the game more pleasing and rewarding to all.

May the cards be with you!