Balance Patch and More Ahead


Hello dear players,

We have been working with our balance team of Spellweaver veterans for a while now, discussing at length what is best for the game in terms of balance right now. We have a lot of new cards from the Ancients Rising season now – more than 80% of the entire card set – and it is high time we address balance problems that have accumulated.

Balance Patch Goals

With this patch, we are aiming to tone down the Rage Rush deck and similarly aggressive strategies, along with heavy control. The central point of Spellweaver’s design is creature combat, and we’d like to have more of that. Currently, mid-range decks that rely on solid creatures are not in a good place, so we are taking steps toward making them more competitive.

Also, we will target some individual cards from Ancients Rising that proved to be problematic. In the card design, we are always pushing the boundary so we are able to provide you with new, exciting cards and mechanics. Inevitably, with some cards we realize that we have pushed too hard.

We expect around 15 cards to be toned down. The patch will be released in 3-4 weeks. As always, you will have 7 days in which you will able to unbind the changed cards for their full shrine costs.

What Next

2020 will be an exciting year for Spellweaver. We are planning so much and we are so eager to tell you everything about it!

A new monthly tournament league is coming soon, along with the player-hosted tournaments with custom rules. The Ancient Risings season will come to its conclusion, with the final two card releases taking the war against Aamon in an unexpected direction.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg of what’s coming. Expect more news soon!

the Spellweaver Team