Announcing Custom Tournaments


Have you ever wished a tournament suitable for your time zone existed? Did your even wish to play in wacky game formats, such as only commons and at most 1 copy of each card?

Soon, you will be able to make all this happen. We are working on one of the most exciting features we have ever created – custom tournaments! You, the players, will be able to launch your own tournaments with your own rules such as:

  • A “ban list” of cards that may not be used.
  • Play with only common and uncommon cards.
  • No more than X copies of cards in the decks (except for primary shrines).
  • Ghost drafts for which you don’t need packs (but you don’t keep the cards).




As always, that’s not all. You will be able to create private tournaments, invite your friends, customize prizes, and the list goes on. All this is coming to your favorite game by the end of July.

After that, in September, we will resume our new card releases.


Some of you have seen the semi-official player announcement, where we made you believe this feature would already be rolled out by now. Well, the downside of all the cool features we have planned is that they take a lot of time to be created.

We were initially planning to launch the player-organized tournaments first, and then the custom game modes several weeks later. However, we realized that those two features go so well together, that launching them together is paramount for their success.

We thank you for the patience, and we guarantee that the new features will be worth the wait!

Ivko and that other person in the shadows that are the Spellweaver development team

P.S: Although I sincerely hope that person is currently enjoying the sun on his vacation :)