Last Update: November 9th, 2016


Although Spellweaver is already released, we will continue to develop the game and implement new features. We’d like to keep working on the game we all love for a long time, so expect a lot of exciting game updates coming.

Here you can see what is on the road ahead right now!


Disclaimer: The timeline of the roadmap is based on estimates, and while we always do our best to keep up with the deadlines, unexpected circumstances sometimes get in the way.

If you have any questions, ask us in our forums, and we’ll be glad to answer!


Contribution Campaign Recap

We ran a fundraising campaign on our site before Spellweaver entered Open Beta. Our contributors were able to support the development of specific features to be added to the game in the near future.

Here is the campaign’s outcome:

  • 6 out of 8 features were fully funded
  • the total number of contributors was 904
  • we raised a total of $38,225

Dear contributors, THANK YOU SO MUCH for helping us in our dream project!


Contribution Campaign Features

Guilds Support ($3 000) – FUNDED!

Add your buddies to a list of friends, see who’s online, review their play statistics, and challenge them for a duel. Form guilds and compete with other guilds in special tournaments and leaderboards. Talk in chat rooms with your friends and guild members. Gain fame for your guild through various activities and bring it to the top.

Six Extra Heroes ($3 500) – IMPLEMENTED!

Six additional heroes in addition to the current 12! The new heroes of course come with brand new skills, and will add even more strategic deckbuilding options. These heroes will have brand new personalities too, in contrast with the current ones which are in pairs of a “basic” and an “advanced” version. Nuff said!

Draft Mode ($4 500) – IMLPEMENTED!

Every card game player knows what a draft is and how fun it is to play. It is a game format in which you build your deck on the go by opening boosters and picking cards from them in sequential order alongside the other players. This is a great way to expand your collection while playing and winning prizes.

Competitive Leagues ($4 500) – FUNDED!

Climb up the ladder of the Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond leagues. Go up through the different divisions of your current league, competing with players who have a similar skill level to your own. Reach the top division of your league to get the opportunity to quality for the next league. This feature will add true competitive spirit to the ranking system of the game, replacing the current ranked leaderboards.

PvE Boss Fights ($7 000) – FUNDED!

Stop the boss armies from invading the lands before it’s too late! Overpowered boss monsters and their loyal minions are raiding Asperia. Join with other players to weaken the bosses by destroying their minions, then eliminate the boss himself to win some great prizes.

Android Version ($9 000) – FUNDED!

Play Spellweaver TCG on Android. We know there are many of you who would like to play the game on an Android tablet. However, the cost of porting the game and testing it on the various Android devices is substantial, and that’s why we need your help.

2v2 Team Mode ($10 000) – NOT FUNDED :(

This is a fun multiplayer game mode with simultaneous turns – you and your teammate play your turn together. It is most well known in MTG as “Two-Headed Giant”. We’ll of course also add a means of communication between the players on the team.

MMO Conquest ($15 000) – NOT FUNDED :(

This is our most ambitious goal! Watch in real time as the Great Wars unfold on the world map. Pick your faction and launch war campaigns onto other factions’ territories. Gain resources and bonuses from each territory under your faction’s control. Participate in grand battles between hundreds of players for the control over the most important outposts in the lands of Asperia, each providing unique bonuses. This feature turns Spellweaver TCG into a MMO strategy game with epic card duel battles!


November 9th Update

This is one very exciting roadmap update for us, because it gets us back on track with implementing the features from our fundraising campaign!

You will be playing Spellweaver drafts in no time, and then we are heading to the long-awaited releases for mobile operating systems. Please note that Spellweaver will only be available for tablets – the game’s UI is too elaborate to fit into a phone’s screen.

Early next year, we will release our first dedicated single player content in the form of a single player campaign. How does that qualify as a mini-expansion? We’re glad you asked!

The campaign will feature a new hero and 10-15 new cards (the exact number is not known yet), so it is bringing us new card content. You will be able to get the new cards by purchasing and playing through the campaign. But if you don’t feel like doing that you can craft them, or get them from packs.

May 2nd Update

We updated the roadmap with the features planned until August 2016!

It’s been a while since the last update, but we are now through most of the problems which prevented us from releasing major content updates, so we hope we’ll be back on track soon.

December 16th Update

The Steam release date was updated to February 1st, and Czech was added as a language we will support.

November 26th Update

We updated the roadmap with our new schedule for Spellweaver’s release and localization. Spellweaver will be available in German, French, Spanish, Brazilian, Italian, Russian, Polish and Bulgarian in March 2016!

We also implemented the following features, so we’re removing them from the roadmap:

  • Custom card backs
  • Victory screen
  • Font rendering improvements

October 29th Update

The 3D Battlefield is implemented, and you can see it in the game. Enjoy!


August 25th Update

The first one of our funded features is completed now – the Six Extra Heroes. They are available in the game along with a multitude of big balance changes. So many that one can say Spellweaver is a totally different game now!

Try the new heroes while they are hot – in celebration of the event, crafting prices have been reduced by half. The offer is valid until August 28th.

There was a long time without any updates, because the majority of the team is on their summer holiday now after the release of the big August patch. Expect more news after we return at the beginning of September!

August 8th Update

The new heroes are now implemented, and we’ve been testing them for some time. This lead us to look at the general game balance, which needs some long awaited changes. To make sure we get everything right, we decided to release the balance changes along with the new heroes 5-10 days later than planned, as they depend on each other. During that time, follow us on social media, as we’ll be releasing details about the new heroes!

The Guilds rough design document is now completed, and we have a lot of exciting guild features on the table, including a guild treasury which can be used to hold special events. We will start working on them when we complete the Friend List and Chat feature.

Unfortunately, we had a major setback on the 3D-Modelled Battlefield. The models needs to be reworked, and we depend on our external contractor for that. We also couldn’t allocate enough time to work on the new Tutorial.

The next patch is expected between August 13th and August 19th, and it will be one of the most major updates yet.

July 29th Update

Time for another update!

We’ve been quite busy preparing for CoxCon, and this added a little delay on some of the things we were working on. The good news is that we have a new team member, and he is already working on the Friends and Chat feature, which is a part of the Guild Support funding goal.

We hope we’ll be able to bring you new updates quicker with our increased team size, and stay tuned for the next big update after August 6th. We’re off for CoxCon now!

July 23rd Update

All new hero illustrations are completed! The new heroes will be in the game between August 6th and August 10th, after the first Ranked Race has completed. We are a bit behind schedule with the 3D-modeled battlefield due to some unforseen events, so it will probably come a week later than planned – around the same as the new heroes.

HeroCorruption HeroDominion HeroNature


July 16th Update

We are doing progress on all fronts, the most progress this week being in the 3D-modeled battlefield, and the extra heroes to be added to the game. Their mechanics are still being designed, but let us tease you with their gorgeous illustrations:



July 9th Update

Here is a rough concept of the upcoming 3D battlefield for your viewing pleasure. We promise it will be even more awesome than that!