The Skra Horde

Believing life to be an endless battle, the Skra Horde leads its champions and armies in a never-ending war campaign. Driven by rage, raw strength and true lust for destruction, they have only one desire – to war, only one goal – to conquer, only one law – one is to obey and follow those who are strongest.

Among the Skra dragons, and their human heirs have a god-like status and are followed without question. For countless generations no Skra creature has prevailed in battle against them. Nonetheless, the members of the Horde always had a multitude of pagan gods and prophets to worship.

Geographical Region: The Scorched Mountains

Capital: The Qaran Fortress

Creature Types: Dragonborn Humans, Orcs, Goblins, Trolls, Reptilians, Dragons

Points of Interest

Qaran, Fortress of the Dragonborn

Built on the top of an active volcano, Qaran is the home of the Dragonborn. Deep inside its dungeons, near the molten core of the volcano, stands the great foundry of the Skra. Fire mages use all their skills and fiery magic to forge destructive weapons and to weave deadly spells from the flames. An impressive fortress, Qaran has never been conquered by any other faction.

Arena Mountain

Once every season, upon a blood moon, the various tribes gather for a week of tournaments, fighting each other to determine the strongest amongst them . . . and to filter the weak. The Arena Mountain consists of numerous custom battlefields on different levels. It is situated on the highest peaks of the scorched domains of Skra. The debutants start on the lower terraces, moving up one level with each victory. The highest and largest arena is spectacularly suspended over the mountain ridge by huge chains and many contestants find their death being pushed over its edge. While there is no active tournament, Arena Mountain is used as a training site by the Skra warriors.


Stenchtown is a slum city overcrowded with orcs, trolls, and goblins. Its horrible stench can be smelled from miles. There is nothing very special about it except that it is absolutely huge. Considered the biggest city in Asperia, the number of expendable war units coming from Stenchtown is colossal. A talented warrior in Stenchtown doesn’t stay around for long. Warmongers scout for potential and take the stronger ones in their ranks, saving them from the misery and bringing them closer to the battlefield.

Skra Offering Yard

The Skra Offering Yard is a sacred piece of land where the Skra worship their countless pagan gods. The Yard is full of many big and mighty totems, but the most important site there is the sacrificial altar of Rage. Its flame is fueled by blood, so fire shamans need to constantly sacrifice creatures to satisfy its thirst. The Skra also make a material offerings to their gods, and many precious treasures can be seen glittering around the Yard. Even the most foolish Ravagers avoid stealing them, though – it brings bad luck in battle.


The Dragonborn – the clan of human fire mages mystically conceived by dragons. The dragon blood flowing in their veins provides these men and women with extraordinary magic abilities. Drawing power from the volcano in the heart of the Scorched Mountains, they are the true rulers of the Skra, and they bring fiery destruction to everything that crosses them. The Dragonborn are edgy and dangerous individuals. They rarely enter into alliances and most certainly never share the spoils of war.

The Warlocks – non-human fire shamans who represent the ancient paganistic beliefs of Rage. They perform sacrifices and ritualistic dances to pray to the gods for protection or invoke their eternal rage in battle. Respected shamans are also delegated a certain amount of command by the Dragonborn.

The Warmongers – the mightiest warriors among the Skra, some so powerful that they have tamed wild beasts, using them as minions in battle. They are also tribal chieftains. Each Warmonger is given a small tribe of Ravagers for which he is responsible. Warmongers obey the Dragonborn for only one reason: the Dragonborn are more powerful than they are.

The Ravagers – the low-life soldiers and commoners of the Skra. They live, work, and die under the mark of Rage. The sole craving of every Ravager is to win enough battles in the Arena and eventually to be promoted to a Warmonger. Countless of Ravagers die in the battlegrounds of the Arena Mountain each season. Their dead bodies are used to satisfy the hunger of the many terrifying dragons living in the mountains.