Spellweaver Championship Final #12 – The Outcome

Congratulations to old time veteran JeniecSzuji for going UNDEFEATED in this month's Masters Championship!

Spellweaver Championship Final #11 – The Outcome

New and exciting cards entered the game less than two weeks ago, and we were in for a new and exciting experience. Congrats to Thr33 for winning this month's Masters!

Single Player Campaign Now Available

We released 1 new hero, 15 new cards and the first Spellweaver single-player campaign! Get into the action!

Prepare to Take Part in the Spellweaver Chronicles

The long awaited single-player campaign has been set for release on March 30th. Find the first card previews in this article!

Spellweaver Championship Final #10 – The Outcome

VanguardX, a first time contender for Masters, won the title with a brand new and unexpected deck. Congratulations, VanguardX, well played!