March Balance Update

Spellweaver has a removal problem. Let's hope the situation is much better now! Read everything about the card changes inside.

Masters Finals #45 Postponed

Due to technical reasons, we are forced to postpone Masters #45. Read all details inside!

Balance Patch and More Ahead

We expect around 15 cards to be toned down. The patch will be released in 3-4 weeks. Also, we share some details about Spellweaver's future plans!

Winter Holiday Fiesta 2019!

Earn gift boxes as you spend Gold and Crystals and get increasing rewards as you collect Dragon Coins. Three lucky players will be drawn to receive a FULL CARD COLLECTION!

Custom Tournaments Beta Starts August 8th

We are immensely sorry about the delays in this feature's development. Hopefully we will have some jolly good time together soon!