Deck analysis #10: Wisdom Dominion Control

Read about the dreaded Wisdom-Dominion Control deck today. Don't you want to be the one who others fear facing?

Deck analysis #9: Zombies

Zombies are a cheap and easy to play deck, with a lot of customization options. You simply need to be careful about a couple of things...

Path to Transcendence $200 Open Tourney!

In celebration of 2 years Spellweaver competitive scene, we bring to you... a player-organized tournament you MUST be a part of!

Deck analysis #8: Hermelion green

This time we are looking at some 3+ speed goodness with Hermelion. Check it out if you like dealing 12+ damage out of nowhere!

Deck analysis #7: Elves

Does the new Elvish Champion bring Elves back from the dust? Read this article to find out!