New Battle UI Explained

01/03/2015 by Kaloyan Pishmanov

Hello Spellweavers!

One long wait has come to an end. As of version 0.30 we have implemented the new visuals for our Battle UI (in-game UI). It still needs some tweaking, but we think it looks very promising. Let’s take a closer look!

As you can see majority of the elements have kept their places. The whole in-game screen can be roughly divided in four parts: top, battlefield, bottom and right column.




In the top UI header you have the:

  • Menu Options

Currently the options are Resign, Report a Bug, Quick Feedback. They are all pretty self-explanatory. By clicking on the green pointer gem on the banner you can collapse/hide the Menu Options

  • Turns/Phases

You can see two sets of four identical icons in the top middle. They represent the phases of the battle. The icons on the left are your phases and that on the right – your opponent’s. There are four phases in Spellweaver: Deploy, Combat, Reinforce, End Turn. The Deploy phase is represented by a fanfare and a red flag, the Combat is represented by two crossed swords, the Reinforce by an iron fist and the End Turn by an hourglass. The currently active player’s phase is marked by a magnifying glass and all his phase icons are in color, whilst the other player’s four icons are desaturated.

  • Timers

In between the phases icons you will find the game timers. 20 minutes each with a countdown. Again the one in the left is yours and the one in the right is your opponent’s.

  • Opponent Info

In the top right part of the screen is situated the whole module with the Opponent Info. You can see your opponent’s Hero picture, his name in the red banner below, his health in the hearth-shaped box over his head, and the slots with his Hero skills on the left of him. There is a big purple banner below, on which you can monitor your opponent’s mana, level and number of cards in hand.




Let’s check what happens in the bottom part of the screen:

  • Hero Info

On the bottom left you will find your Hero Info looking in a similar way to the Opponent Info. You have the picture of your Hero, your name in the red banner below and your health in the hearth-shaped box above. In the right of your Hero you have the slots with your Hero Skills. You will start only with your default Hero Skill and two free slots. During the course of battle you can learn two more Hero Skills that will fill the free slots. If you haven’t fulfilled the level requirements for a current Hero Skill you will see a little padlock over it.

  • Hand

Your hand of cards will be displayed in the bottom middle part of the screen. Pretty standard.

  • Resource Panel and Divine Offering

In the bottom right of the screen you can see your current Aspect Level and Mana Crystals. Above them sits the very important Divine Offering skill that saves you from resource starvation (most of the time). This skill is represented by two hands handling in offering gesture what seems to be a lotus flower.




The battlefield remained unchanged from earlier versions. You have the Main and the Support lines, the decks and all. The background behind is blended between a Shrine art from your Hero’s faction on the left and your opponent’s Hero faction Shrine art on the right.




In the middle right of the screen you will see the interactive buttons appear when you can use them:

  • End Turn

With an icon of an hourglass.

  • Combat / Continue to the next phase

With an icon of two crossed swords.

  • Stop the timer (take the opportunity to play cards or activate powers)

With an icon of a Spellweaver’s hand performing some magic : )

  • Attack enemy Hero with all your creatures

With a green icon of three arrows pointing up.

  • Cancel all declared attacks

With a red icon of three arrows pointing down.



And that’s pretty much all there is for it. The previous visuals of the battle UI were only a placeholder. We worked with different artist for the Spellweaver UI and at the end we wanted to make sure the user interface of the client, all the different menus and the in-game battle UI will look similar and in one line. We wanted cohesive visuals in tone with one another. We hope you guys like it!

Don’t forget you can always share your feedback and opinion about our new visuals in the forums or in the social media.