The Elvari Alliance

Once, when pristine forests covered most of the land, the inhabitants of the woods were many and strong. The prosperous society of elves, fairies, sentient plants, and beasts achieved unmatched heights of enlightenment and lived in complete balance with the world and each other. Every living thing, no matter big or small, strong or weak, had a respected place in the divine cycle of life. Unfortunately, after evil swept over the lands of Asperia, the peace was broken and Elvari numbers quickly diminished in the never-ending battles for survival. Now, outnumbered, the last of their kind struggle to keep their shrinking domains from being corrupted and do whatever it takes to prevent the destruction of what they think is the most precious of things – Nature.

Geographical Region: Everlast Forests

Capital: Great Oakendom

Creature Types: Elves, Fairies, Treants, Beasts, Forest Creatures

Points of Interest

Great Oakendom

Great Oakendom is a massive home tree where most of the Elvari population lives. Deep within the elf territories, Great Oakendom represents one of the last strongholds of Nature. Thus, it is always controlled by the most potent and wise Elvari prince. The ancient elves speak of times when powerful druids used to command the great oak, making it locomote out of his place and crush the enemies with its enormous roots. It is believed that the currently lifeless tree will flourish once again. Its seeds will give birth to a new and fertile great oak, which will mark the revival of the Elvari Alliance and the triumph of Nature over evil.

Heart of the Forest

It is known that the elves love and value their frequent festivities that hail Nature almost with fanatic fervor. The Heart of the Forest is their biggest gathering place – a big, evergreen meadow that lies in the very center of the forest, surrounding an ancient and sacred well. The water of this well is said to give the Elvari warriors their formidable skill and concentration in battle, as well as the gift of never-ending vitality and longer lifespan.

The Fairy Gardens

The Fairy Gardens are a magnificent garden complex, where all of the plant species in Asperia can be found. Further, all of the forest’s magical creatures pledge their devotion to their beloved Fairy Queen there. She derives her notorious magical powers from this mesmerizing complex. The Fairy Queen is famous for her loves of playing games. Once inside, neither man nor beast can leave her gardens alive without answering a riddle correctly.

The Mossknot

A sacred place from long before even history remembers, Mossknot is the spiritual sanctuary of the Elvari. It is said that the giant stones covered in moss, forming a circle, are alive and have profound reason. Sometimes the Elvari druids communicate with the stones to gather the priceless wisdom entangled inside them or to weave in their memory chronicles for generations to come. The Mossknot doesn’t need any protection. Oddly, the serene energy that flows around the place is oddly enough to repel all evil.


The Seeds – the Elvari aristocracy. Representing a few families that are direct heirs to the great forest king Jalaya. Each family enthrones a ruling prince once each generation. Born to lead, the princes command by the ways of Nature.

The Stem – the guild of mystical druids, who commune deeply with Nature’s forces and all forest beings. Peaceful and always busy, they rarely remain in one place, working with their magic in support of the green cause.

The Bark – the warrior’s caste. They are the protectors of Everlast Forests. Unmatched in guerrilla tactics and always vigilant, the elvish warriors are tough foes to challenge.

The Leaves – the common elves, who take care of the daily chores around the Princedoms. Herders, artisans, builders, farmers. Not a prestigious role, but an important one, although in the present times of conflict more and more Leaves wish to join the Bark.

The Buds – the assembly of all forest fairies. Various in kind, form, and power, these miraculous forest spirits aid the elves in their goal to protect all that is green and alive.