Meet the Artists – Nikolai Ostertag

02/09/2014 by Ivko Stanilov

This week’s interview is with a young and talented German artist, who got his very first job from us! We are very pleased to know that we helped this man successfully start his career and we wish him luck in all his artistic endeavours.

Ladies and gentleman, meet Nikolai Ostertag.


Hello, would you please tell us something more about yourself?

Hey, my name is Nikolai Ostertag and I want to be a Concept Artist / Illustrator. At the moment I practice a lot. Mostly waddling around in the Crimson Daggers forums.

How did you become so passionate about art and video games?

Puh… I think I always loved it. Since I was a kid I loved to draw, to create things and dive into other worlds.  I think the whole video game thing is my dad’s fault. I will never forget when I played for the first time on my dad’s computer. The first games I payed were Jazz Jack Rabbit and Rayman. I’m very thankful to my dad that for that. At the moment I’m working full time in-house at smuttlewerk but more as an In-game artist. I am freelancing illustrations in my spare time sometimes.

Please tell us more about your experience as concept artist! When and how did you start your career?

Actually you gave me my first job, guys. I’m still very thankful for that experience and really loved working with you, guys. Since then I did a book cover so… not much to say. At the moment I’m still more focused on improving.

Where do you get inspiration from?

Uhm…. mostly from my head. I think it’s always hard to tell… at least for me. I think I try to paint or draw what I like and find cool.

Please share your thoughts about Spellweaver TCG with us!

I think it’s great. I wish you guys much success with the game. It could definitely be a huge success.

What is your opinion about TCGs in general?

Last I played Hearthstone from Blizzard. What I like most about TCGs is the gathering of cards and of course the tactic and strategy around putting your deck together… and always improving it. I love the TCG art from Dave Rapoza and Brad Rigney the most. But there are so many other great TCG artists out there too.
Thanks, Nikolai! Keep up the good work, man!


See more works by Nikolai here: