Heroes are the cornerstone of your strategy. Their skills can be used multiple times per game, making them really matter. Each hero starts the game with a single skill, but during the course of the duel he or she gains additional skills by using Shrine cards. Have a look below and pick your favorite!


Aspect: Order

Order AvatarAlexa was raised by humble nuns in a distant Ivian convent. She became very dear to the Mother Superior of her convent, being under her tutelage while growing up.

The Mother Superior noticed that the peculiar girl had some strange abilities. Winning the trust of a person was a matter of seconds to her – only a glance was enough to make somebody follow her. Everybody listened to her words and everybody took willingly her command.

When the old nun died, Alexa, although only 16 years of age, took charge of the convent. She proved to be a natural leader, responsible and caring. When the atrocities of the evil forces became frequent in the lands of Ivia, the young woman decided she could help people better if she left the convent and led them in a war against evil.

“Battle Maiden” Skill - Rally the Peasants: Summons a Militia creature onto the field.

“Angelic Messenger” Skill – Call to Heavens: Summons an Angel from the top cards of your deck onto the field.

Hermelion, Hand of Justice

Aspect: Order

sw-hermelion-hero-artHermelion was once a brave captain in the Ivian cavalry. Along with his troops he was famous for executing all incoming orders with great haste and power. The Ivian command used his squadron for important strategic attacks deep in enemy territories.

It was in the Wastelands of Sorrow where Hermelion witnessed sorely the horrific death and destruction that Evil brings and with a heart full of grief and fury he swore to fight against it forever. The heroic captain took that oath quite literally and when he was killed in battle years later, his restless spirit remained in the living world demanding to continue his fight. Yet, the brave ghost was nothing more than a powerless gust of wind. It is then the angels of The Divine Order, observing his valiant deeds, decided to grant Hermelion a second chance. They imbued his spirit in a blessed full-body armor and bestowed him the right to use a bit of their magical abilities.

Now, as before, Hermelion’s existence is dedicated on serving divine justice over the lands of Asperia and he is fighting relentlessly against all Evil.

Hero Skill – Tireless March: Heals damage from your creatures, and allows them to attack a second time for the turn.


Aspect: Wisdom

Wisdom AvatarDaris was born into a family of elite and famous scientists. His father was Master Librarian in the City of Wisdom, and his mother was one of the most renowned Magi engineers.

The boy showed amazing intelligence, learning to write and read before he was two years old. While growing up, in contrast to other children, his best friends were books and magical scrolls. He spent all of his time studying and exercising spells, instead of playing and having fun with the others.

The Archont Council noticed the many talents of young Daris and kept a close eye on him until he was the right age to join the Academy. Already a true Magi, Daris is one of the brightest magical talents around, and the Union is putting great hopes on him to serve and protect its knowledge, science, and magic.

“Prodigy of Wisdom” Skill - Thorough Study: Draws a card.

“Stormborn” Skill - Frost Nova: Deals 1 damage to and shocks each enemy creature.

Elrike the Twin Blade

Aspect: Wisdom

sw-elrike-hero-artNo one knows her true age, but Elrike served the Magi Council as an artifact retriever for more than five centuries. Retrievers bring back scrolls, magic crystals, machine prototypes, Astral Flux fragments and other valuable possessions stolen from the Union back to their owners. As thieves are not always keen to part away with their spoils Elrike developed some particularly deadly skills during her long service. Except her lethal hook swords she has quite a few magical tricks in her sleeve, including the ability to manipulate the matter of her own ethereal body in various ways.

Every djinn believes there must be balance in the world and it should be pursued through knowledge and wisdom. Elrike is not an exception. She felt that disturbances in the balance are growing in recent times, showing that too many wrong and stressful things are happening in Asperia. The powerful djinn left her position as a retriever to begin her own fight against evil. She was heard saying her ancient erudition and her blades are thousands times more powerful than any wrong intentions. And she is definitely not afraid to use both.

Hero Skill – Illusion Twin: Summon a Djinn Illusion creature with ATK, HP and SP equal to the largest ATK, HP and SP among creatures you control. Whenever it is dealt damage, destroy it.


Aspect: Nature

Nature AvatarSome elves have the ability to understand Mother Nature’s secret signs; some can sing and recite poetry that can resonate in all living things; and some can even control the water, winds, and earth. Ne`eva can do all these special rituals with ease . . . and even more.

Called lovingly a Child of the Forest, this gifted young elf was trained to become a wife for an Elvari prince and to provide the best possible soil for the seeds of future generations of aristocracy. However, Ne`eva disappointed her mentors and decided that she wanted to fight the usurpers threatening to destroy Nature.

She refused to cooperate with the Alliance and took the path of voluntary exile. A being of extremely strong will, Ne’eva always finds a way to achieve her goals.

“Child of the Forest” Skill - Native Terrain: Creatures played this turn are swift (attack on the same turn).

“The Revered” Skill – Reverence: The first 3 creatures you play this turn cost 1 less and draw you a card.

Ka’ainu, Edge of the Spear

Aspect: Nature

NatureAvatar2Ka’ainu was a peaceful druid, but after his elder brother was killed by a gang of Gra lizardmen near the western borders of Everlast Forest he found motivation to join the Bark and became a warrior. Nobody believed that the young elf has any fighting skills, but Ka’ainu surprised all his trainers and even himself with the fast rate he was learning the art of war. Every invader he faced fell down impaled by his spears. Soon he was one of the best Bark warriors and the other Elvari concluded he was mystically chosen by Nature to defend it. They named him Edge of the Spear.

One night Ka’ainu had a vision in his dream. An ancient Elvari warrior appeared in front of him and told him he could learn all secrets of war if he went to the Mossknot. From then on, the elf started meditating in the Mossknot, drawing the long forgotten knowledge of martial arts and fighting techniques of the old masters. After hundreds of meditations he grew into a master himself. Some speculate that the very apparition from his dream settled inside his body. There is no one in Asperia who can wield a spear like Ka’ainu. There is no other warrior amongst all elves so gracious and swift in combat.

Hero Skill – Weapon Mastery: Play a creature with cost 3 or less from your hand under Ka’ainu without paying its cost. At the start of your next turn, put it on the field with a Might emblem on it.


Aspect: Corruption

Corruption AvatarNefaros is a twisted man who considers himself an artist of death. He has been one of the most potent necromancers in the Wastelands of Sorrow for decades. His skills for creating dreadful abominations and raising all kinds of undead creatures won him the alias The Necromantic Prince.

According to his words, making animated dead out of rotting flesh is the ultimate form of art. His greatest enjoyment is watching his “children” fight in battle, inflicting pain and suffering. As a bonus, he gets fresh new material for his corrupted affinity.

Nefaros serves willingly the Lord of Corruption, Aamon. For his loyalty, the necromancer even received a gift: a terrifying curse that he can inflict upon a living creature, striking it with fear and destroying its morale.

“Aspiring Necromant” Skill - Entangle: An enemy creature gets -1 SP for a turn.

“Necromantic Prince” Skill – Occultism: Return a creature that died this turn back onto the field, paying life.

Enoch the Steel Horror

Aspect: Corruption

sw-enoch-hero-artThe Steel Horror is a schizophrenic warrior created by Aamon itself after hundreds of reanimation experiments. The Lord of Corruption used the remains of many potent spellcasters, fierce fighters and wise tacticians to assemble his abomination. There are numerous souls of dead Ivian champions entrapped inside his horrific steel body, but one has prevalent control over the others. His name is Enoch, casualty of a once besieged Ivian fortress.

While still alive Enoch and his comrades were trapped inside a fort with no supplies and no way to call for reinforcements. They held their position for many months, but in the end the famine took its toll on them. With nothing to eat the troops started consuming the flesh of their fallen brothers. Enoch made no exception. Madness engulfed his mind and he started enjoying the nightmarish feast… in a moment of clarity disgusted by himself he took his own life by jumping outside the rampart walls. Little did he know there will be no salvation even in the afterlife. Aamon brought him back from the dead and put him inside his wicked pet, under his control.

Dissolute and unstable The Steel Horror, led by his anger wanders around bringing death to everyone, incinerating every place that reminds him of one of his formers pasts. His frustration and thirst for killing is unmatched. Seeking battle is the only thing all dead warriors within The Steel Horror are unanimous is worth doing. The only thing that gives them satisfaction.

Hero Skill – Blood Feast: Sacrifice a creature. Creatures you control get +1 ATK until end of turn, and you get 1 life for each creature you control.


Aspect: Dominion

Dominion AvatarThe origins of Despina are covered in mist, but rumors say she was raised as a slave and sold to serve one of the minor Families. Being an exceptional belle, she was taken as a mistress by one of the oldest sons of the family. She quickly fell in love with the life of luxury and affluence.

When her lover became head of the Faessayan family, Despina had already displaced the figure of his legitimate wife and ruled their property like her own. Soon after, the unfortunate fool died mysteriously. Rumors of Despina’s cunning schemes reached the Senate, and soon the Oligarchs started to hire her services for special . . . missions. For an extremely high rate, of course.

Known as the Insatiable Soul this wicked and ambitious young lady won’t let anything stop her from accumulating more wealth and power.

“Insatiable Soul” Skill - Inner Power: Refills all your mana crystals.

“Dominion Overlord” Skill - Tempting Lure: Put under your control a creature from your opponent’s deck.

Coronis the Blood Reaper

Aspect: Dominion

sw-coronis--hero-artIn Faessaya there is a famous vampiric cult in which the followers perceive drinking of pure fresh blood as the ultimate pleasure. As with every cult, business thrives around this one. Coronis is one of the most famous Faessayan providers of fresh blood. They say he can sniff innocent flesh like a hound, then approach silently on the wings of a crow. Indeed with the help of his pet crows he hunts upon his victims. Surrounding them with his black flock Coronis mesmerizes them with his soothing voice. He is then able to collect all of their vital red liquid, without inflicting pain or wasting a drop.

Coronis is highly praised by the aristocracy and when he is not hunting for blood, he can be found in their mansions gambling and flirting with Oligarch’s daughters. The Blood Reaper, as they call him, is highly determined to become one of the most powerful and rich men in the Deprived Provinces and his insidious skillset is more than suitable for this purpose.

Hero Skill – Pay 2 life. Summon a Soul Raven onto the field. At the end of turn, if the enemy Hero is dealt damage this turn, put a Might emblem on each Soul Raven you control.


Aspect: Rage

Rage AvatarZash is an impure cross between a Dragonborn warrior and a nomad woman. Regarded by his people as a lowlife mongrel, he was kicked out of the Fortress of Qaran and lived all his life in the slums of Stenchtown. Life around orcs, trolls, and goblins have made him a hard nut to crack.

Zash is not only a streetwise fighter, but he is also a self taught fire mage. Learning how to tame the rage of the fire and use it against his enemies was the only way for a human to survive and to dominate in battle the mightier creatures and beasts he faced.

In battle, indeed, is where Zash shines. His only goal is to win enough matches in Arena Mountain to prove himself worthy for a place in the Dragonborn elite. Witnesses usually say that the fervor and the rage that drive Zash into combat are unmatched by any warrior they’ve seen.

“Flamebringer” Skill - Circle of Fire: An enemy creature can’t block this turn.

“Annihilator” Skill – Firestorm: Deals 3 damage to each creature and each hero.


Burkh the Uncontainable

Aspect: Rage

sw-burkh-hero-artWhen an orc baby is born it learns to stand on his crooked feet in just a few hours. Then right away every greenish infant is given its first weapon. It’s an old tribal tradition. Burkh’s father was a master bladesmith and when Burkh was born the old orc providently threw in his small hands a full sized giant axe instead of the usual short sword or regular hatchet.

The burden of the axe was tremendous for little Burkh and he wasn’t even able to lift it at first. This setback was a spark that started a raging fire in his immature mind. He started training and sweating day and night over the axe handle. Soon he was able to make full swings and mighty blows. When he was five Burkh was the best orcish juvenile warrior. When he was twelve he was already feared by most adult orcs for his prowess and strength in combat. The Faessayan slave traders heard about this “promising specimen” and captured young Burkh by deceit.

This orc was not to be tamed and exploited, though. Deep in the dungeons of Stronghold Metropolis he encouraged all other captive slaves to rebel. They stormed the prison bars together and created chaos which gave many the chance to escape. Burkh, one of the fugitives, came back to his home, the Scorched Mountains, and is currently one of the most fearsome Skra Horde leaders.

Hero Skill – Double Chop: Burkh deals 2 damage to each of up to two enemy creatures on the front line. They deal damage equal to their ATK to Burkh.