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Hero pack reward missing

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Hero pack reward missing

Postby MightyGorgon » Sat Sep 22, 2018 11:30 am


I created an account during the beta phase of the game but left the game after some weeks at lvl7. Then I started to play again some days ago and reached lvl15.

I realized that when reaching every 5 lvls we get a hero pack. But I checked my collection and found that I did not get any hero pack for reaching lvl5 (which I reached many months ago during the beta phase)!
Currently I own the "basic heroes" obtained with the quests/sites for every aspect (Alexa, Daris, Ne'eva, Zash, Despina and Nefaros) + Zash the Annihilator from a giveaway code, Amalric from the campaign and from the 5lvls rewards I got only Daris Stormborn (lvl10) and Elrike the Twin Blade (lvl15) but missing the one for lvl5!

What can I do? How can I send a support ticket?

Thanks in advance for your reply!
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