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Reporting a bug with undead hydra

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Reporting a bug with undead hydra

Postby SeR » Mon Jul 09, 2018 5:50 pm

I was playing vs [Nefaros (Ai) hard with the zombie deck], i had 30 life, Ai was left with only 4 and had a zombie giant on board to defend, since i always play a custom homemade deck that has antriel and deathbound incarnate, i always aim to win by triple condition (card decay + over 40 lifegain + [-x] life normal beatdown)....... So.... I was waiting to draw said deathbound while taking down Ai's defenders each turn, as such.... i had on my side of the board : nefaros necromantic prince, 2 renovation facilities, a few steel sentients (5 i think) made vía tons of drone (recycled) +airship +more summonned drones, one bloodwitch, one antriel, 2 genies of wishes, and 2 undead hydras (one of which had a might counter).
As you can see i had the match pretty much won, but was waiting to draw deathbound incarnate for the triple condition win, So.... I sent the revived (stolen) undead hydra [5/5] with no counter on it to kill the undead giant of opposing nefaros Ai..... And i was at 30 life.... So with antriel in game i would sit at 35 life after combat phase.... And somehow my stolen undead hydra with no counter hit twice... or such.... Since from 30 life i won the game after it took out the undead giant (which is 4/5) and somehow "trampled" over and hit nefaros Ai in the same turn (who was at 4 life) and in the process stole 10 life....
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Re: Reporting a bug with undead hydra

Postby ivko » Tue Jul 10, 2018 9:23 am

I am pretty confident that this wasn't caused by a bug, as this is a pretty simple situation (despite the many creatures currently on the field).

If your Hydra was Deadly, or if the opposing zombie was Frozen, then the Hydra will only deal 1 damage to kill it, and will deal the remaining 4 damage to the enemy hero.
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