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10 Win Trial Decks

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Re: 10 Win Trial Decks

Postby VitamineC » Thu Mar 08, 2018 1:47 pm


The two copies of Protector of the Innocent and Decendant of Divinity (one of the best, if not the best card in limited imo) really carried this deck. If my opponents managed to remove them, it was almost always a 2+ for 1.
With adv Neeva in mind I tried to draft enough 2 cost creatures to ensure a full Reverence on turn 7-9 and it worked out pretty well. The 3 Innkeepers were very nice but not as relevant as I thought, both in terms of stupefying and creature recursion.
In about half of the games I got a really decicive Soul Projection off, especially in combination with the 2 Ambush Strikes. The latter also helped getting lethal in a lot.
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Re: 10 Win Trial Decks

Postby Rinriet » Mon May 28, 2018 2:16 am


10-0 with that thing, all matches this night.

The Cannonades, Fireball and Dragonfire made a lot of work.

The Gnomes were MVP though, dealing with a lot of annoying things and buffing energy.

Anecdote: Last game, I had Gnome in field and Merchant in hand. Attacked with Gnome and other creature and they died. Played Merchant with 4 Energy. Brought back the Gnome, killed a Chalice, buffed Merchant to 3 energy, and brought back an Automaton. That was the best Merchant value I've ever seen.
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