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Angelic Exodia

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Angelic Exodia

Postby Gadien » Sat Jun 02, 2018 9:07 pm

So I don't know about you, but I'm pretty trash at the game. I never seem to know the right ratios for cards. I either splash to many colors, or don't know when putting another color in would unlock a deck. I see Elf's of Human's or whatever splashed in two aspects and I try to make a deck dedicated, and honestly I just end up with crap! From terrible mana curves, to having a low level deck rely on a level 4 card cause it ties the deck together and makes it medicore.

Anyway, from my inability to play the game I've made a Turbo-Angel deck.

I see a lot of decks (at least for how long I browse) but I see none of the Order decks dedicated to angels.

Some have Angels, some even have heavy amounts Angels. But, none are really dedicated to the alternate win condition.

Thus, from my stupidity and cowardice, Turbo Angel! Or for Yugioh Fans, Angelic Exodia. Or perhaps for those who saw their air show Blue Angels? Anyway here is the deck list. Please offer your suggestions. After about 6 months of not playing I came back and found out Trigon pact was a thing and updated my deck. So looking for suggestions. I managed to take it into ranked and got quite a few wins with it. I'll assume it's from my low rank that I was able to win at all.

Hero: Alexa, Angelic Messenger.

2 x Spell Warden (take out problematic spells or key things that will screw me up)(May take them out)
4 x Protector of the Innocent (Solid Stats/Angel)
4 x Guardian of the Faithful (Rush Removal/Decent Stats/Angel)
3 x Antriel Patron of the Sunblessed (Super Effect, Amazing Stats/Angel) (Thinking of putting a 4 cause how fast it is)
2 x Moon Priestess (Mana Ramp/Extra Mana/Removal Bait)
1 x Saluxio the Awebringer (Might include more of him. Had 1 in the deck for random skill spawn. With Trigon he is more viable, might him to 2 or 3 and take out Wardens)

2 x Trigon of the Pact (Might put a 3rd in, made 2 to start. Testing so far seems good, I get them early enough)
2 x Word of Grace (Basic life gain and card cycling. Have won with Antriel and this before)
4 x Pacify (Life savior of the deck, puts the fear of whatever god the order people worship into my enemies)
2 x Unbreakable Spirit (I like the card, and if I draw it early, with mana ramping it is viable, helps dig me out of bad hands. However mid/late game it's usually useless, but always good for Shrine Offering.)
1 x Namir's Blessing (ran 3 at one point, then 2, now it's to one. It doesn't seem as good as it once was for protecting. People always seem to have a way around it.)
3 x Ray of Righteousness (Takes care or large threats and random need to nuke spells)
3 x New Horizon (Been testing with this to ramp stuff up. Unsure if I like this. Might just replace it with draw power)
2 x Assassinate (This hits what Righteousness doesn't, offers a low cost mana solution to smaller annoyances)
4 x Power Surge (My favorite kind of ramp)
1 x Catacylsm (Doesn't see play often, but the games it does, it saves my ass)

3 x Triangelica (Let's me see it enough, since I focus so heavy, I don't mind seeing it since I can always level with it too)
8 x Order (Main Aspect)
7 x Dominion (Second Aspect)
2 x Cathedral of Night (Such a clutch card. From nuking weenies, to making larger monsters able to be slain by my angels. This card also buys me time with the life gain)

So yea thoughts? I know that this deck isn't really conventional, and someone probably has a better version of it already tested and rated.

What I think MIGHT be the biggest problems:
New Horizons isn't useful enough maybe? Power Surge is always useful, it ramps up hard and I can always use more mana. With this I can fetch a level and speed level, but it requires the Trigon to do anything and I don't want to splash blue shrines into my deck. The only thing I can think to replace these with is the draw 2 wisdom cards to keep me with plenty of options like removal and life gain.

Maybe adjust the blue angel ratio? One seems good, but with adding blue I can probably fit more, but unless im getting rid of stuff not sure if I can really fit 1 or 2 more.

Adjusting Assassinate, Namir, and Spell Warden? Some of these things seem great, some maybe put more in, some put less of?

Namir I thought protected against a lot, and while it does offer some protection I just don't know if it's viable with what can dodge around it.

Assassinate is great, but it doesn't really help me besides take threats out. I want some of them to take care of problems, but I'm afraid increasing beyond two will leave me a bit heavy with the lower end removal instead of the draw power/cycling/manga ramp that I need to get to late-game angel dropping.

Spell Warden is useful, but I find myself chucking him for Shrine Offerings most of the time. Either I need the mana to ramp up, or to take out an immediate threat, or I have no idea if they have a deck killer and It's a gamble on using him. Anyways hope at least one person reads this. XD
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Re: Angelic Exodia

Postby SashaIr » Mon Jun 04, 2018 9:12 am

The Dominion splash isn't really useful. Just take out all the Dominion cards. Add Wisdom instead and put 4x Saluxio, maybe even 4x Antriel. New Horizons is one of the most broken cards ever, run it 4x. If you want to slpash a third color go Corruption (OOWC) and add 4x Angelic Emanation, some Noxious Fumes, maybe Suffocate. Take out Word of Grace (you only have 2 Order levels), Unbreakable Spirit (terrible card), Spell Warden (good card, but doesn't fit this deck), and if you want to run more creatures maybe Bloodwitch Harpy can be a good choice, this deck suffers against aggro and you run no 1-level creatures.
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Re: Angelic Exodia

Postby Lirysse » Mon Jun 04, 2018 7:17 pm

Path to Transcendance may be a great card because you can freely drop your angels and put them under it. Most of the decks have no spell removal so you can protect them until you can release the Triangexodia combo - 1 mana for Path sacrifice + 5 mana for Trangelica's skill looks strong.
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Re: Angelic Exodia

Postby sorcerer455 » Wed Jul 04, 2018 7:47 pm

I recently started playing again and as angels was my favourite back in the day I first created a mono-order angel deck and climbed a fair bit but wanted to try something a little different. I splashed in wisdom and corruption and it seems to work out quite well. At first I was struggling a bit but now I mostly got the hang of it. SashaIr's suggestion of putting in corruption I think is a good play. Angelic Emanation is a good creature against aggro and also cheap to get the 3 angel win. I also have noxious fumes for cheap removal and also reanimates as you can get your angels out again for pretty cheap so you have more resources. Blood witch harpy is also a good choice against aggro and can also help out with blocking. Overall I'm having pretty fun with this deck and will keep trying to climb with it in ladder.
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Re: Angelic Exodia

Postby Gadien » Thu Jul 26, 2018 4:38 pm

I miss not being able to mana-ramp with void, but the level ramp allows me to get all my levels earlier so I can just level my mana for the rest of the game.

The low level angels, ressurection, and noxus fumes are too good not to have.

Part of me wants to put Grace of Word back in because at times I can have OOC and then a forth level of O/W for a 6 life gain.

But no room really.

The harpy sounds like a nice suggestion. Will be trying them now.

I've found that Tripact isn't doing anything for me.

Either I don't need to use the dual level, or the -1 mana actively makes me unable to do some things when I use it.

I've adjusted my shrines to have 10 order (3 of them tri-angel) 5 corruption, 5 wisdom.

Sometimes I have a tiny bit of trouble finding wisdom, but I only need a single level in it to do anything, so I'm hoping that taking 2 tripact out, and putting 2 wisdom will be slightly better. (never really used the spell effect anyway on it, it never made a difference)
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Re: Angelic Exodia

Postby Maximvs » Thu Jul 26, 2018 10:45 pm

One card you want is exorcism. It can destroy an early evil creature, make him discard a card, or, later on in the game, put 4 dead angels back in your deck, which increases the chances of the heroic ability to work.

Another one you should consider is the book of spirits. If you have 3 angels in play, with 2 mana, and you can activate the shrine next turn, he'll try to kill one of your angels. Then you can just pay 2 mana and get that new angel right in play, which keeps your angel count to 3.
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