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Deck : Mighty Plants

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Deck : Mighty Plants

Postby RKane » Wed May 09, 2018 6:39 am

Loved the idea from Tauric, bringing his Sunblessed Sprouts deck in the Masters Championship #23, and went overboard with it.
Feel free to make pointers to make this deck better.

Hero: Ka'ainu, Edge of the Spear (could go for basic Neeva as well, but this way is more interesting)

4x Sentry of the Light
3x Steel Host Spearman
4x Cavalry Field Captain
3x Companion of the Heart
2x Spore Shepherd
4x Shooting Sprout
1x Bark Convoy
3x Master Hunter

4x Touch of Light
2x Soul Projection
2x Angelic Might
4x Ambush Strike
4x Vegetation Blockade

8x Order
8x Nature
2x Moonlight Monument (not really useful, could be swapped by Trigon of the Pact)
2x Enchanted Spring

Didnt check older posts for something similar. Let me know if you have seen something or str8up shoot ideas on how to improve the deck.
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