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Updated Meta Report

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Updated Meta Report

Postby VanguardX » Thu Apr 26, 2018 4:24 am


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Re: Updated Meta Report

Postby freebie » Thu Apr 26, 2018 4:42 pm

Good work guys, it's cool to see something like that for SP. It's done professional and I am sure a lot of new players - actually every player - will only benefit or get help in their endeavours with the game. I can attest to that because even in friendly matches more than 70% (approximation it might be higher) of the games are decks from the site.

The bit for the order aggro version of Plants vs Zombies, doesn't speak anything to me as someone that is not playing rank and probably only people at the top or on teams can decipher the meaning without example. Just a note.

Also I might not have the right to call stuff but this is forum and forums are for talks, so here are some small bits I obeserved.

I would definitely put the Tauric Implants on tier 1. Yesterday had the chance to play it for the first time and this thing is oppressive as fuck. It goes fast and big and even wide. It have surprising sustain, I would've never imagined deck like this one can have that much staying power. It doesn't refil as fast as soldiers but you can keep going if board is not fully reclaimed. Most of all it is pretty consistent due to the number of low level creatures. You can have bad starts/hands, but not that often and you can't even state, yeah I got lucky. I would say that big benefactor again is Harbinger (this card...). I had some decent amount of games vs implants before with different decks and I thought it is strong but beatable (and it is), but very very hard. The AoE spells in the game feel so outdated right now to what aggro deck challenges you out. Hopefully new cards won't only be creatures and creatures again... (maybe it is time to plug a complain once more about aggro and control and Dream Reactor not commenting about how strong they are or do they ever plan to adderss them with small hits here and there at all?)

Plants vs Zombies I haven't seen much, it is probably a lot more common in rank. First time seen it was yesterday where whisp had some games. I suspect I might have faced or seen it, but thought it was something else :D. After all besies the green/blue cards it have zombie core. I was surprised to see it at the top (due to lack of knowledge).

Aren't Shamans and Snakes mid range decks? I always considered them as such. I know they counter well control and probably thats why you put em there (?) and suffer vs aggro, but they do feel like mid range. I would probably put cautiously (or am I) Shamans at tier 1 and Snakes at 2.

I am curious about the Molten one, always wondered how people manage the magic of pulling this shit out... Set up like this one just screams I need good hits and you don't even get up high on resources in the mean time, just trying to prolong it to mid/late game. Can't take it seriously at all... again surprised to see it at tier 1 (should test :D).
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Re: Updated Meta Report

Postby 0xymore » Mon May 21, 2018 12:47 pm

I guess it's not the right place to ask but i'm soooo loost on this forum.
I don't understand the new hero, and his power is explained absolutely nowhere which is quite annoying.
That might look like a noob question, but what is an ancient spell ?

I hope someone will help me !
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Re: Updated Meta Report

Postby dermen » Mon May 21, 2018 2:34 pm

There is no ancient spell until now, but we will get some in the next months in the extension. So we all are very curious about the ancient spells. :)

At the moment, the greatest hero power of Ytix is the extra card at the beginning of the match, what is really nice.
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Re: Updated Meta Report

Postby Rinriet » Wed May 23, 2018 8:26 am

Most of the discussion is on the official discord channel at the moment, if you have more doubts ask there :)
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Re: Updated Meta Report

Postby Maximvs » Wed May 23, 2018 12:23 pm

Meta report :

Ytix red rush timea chicken
Ytix artifact
Ytix molten reanimate self mill big ass black creatures

That's it boys
"Quick quick, rush him, we don't want the game to last more than three minutes!"

"Oh crap, he's playing a complicated deck, but that hurts my brain! What should I do?"
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