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Best card to open?

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Best card to open?

Postby Devirk » Wed Apr 04, 2018 11:27 pm

So I dusted off my old rage rush deck and took it places and during that I started wondering. When I start with both Goblin Warrior and Lizard Barbarian in hand which one should I play? It's the first turn, the board is empty, I can only guess what my opponent is playing based on their hero. Both cards cost the same, both will result in the same ammount of dmg dealt to my opp's face and both have a fairly similar chance of getting nuked the very next turn.
So I was curious if anyone has any thoughts about this? Maybe there's an aspect I'm missing here and one of them is obviuosly better then the other? Or is it more situational? But then in what situation which card is better? Bear in mind we're talking simple rage rush - lots of goblins, some simple removal and gameplan to smack as much face damage in as little time as possible.
Which would you play? why?
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Re: Best card to open?

Postby Lirysse » Thu Apr 05, 2018 6:58 am

Lizard Barbarian is generally the first you play. It's harder to clean in early game (Power Discharge, Detonate, Firelast's collateral damages, Word of Pain) and can sometimes trade without dying (Grove Guardian, Sentry of the Light if you have Word of Fire, 1/1 Soldier - Spearman is particularly annoying for Goblin Warrior). Additionally, in mid/late game, if you run Firebrand Goblin (that you should do), your Goblin Warrior will be able to attack immediately, whereas Lizard Barbarian will have a hard time going face.

Goblin Warrior may be better if you're second player against a deck that should play a creature able to contest Lizard the 2nd turn - for example Order with Innkeeper, Sunblessed Priest or Spellbreaker.
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Re: Best card to open?

Postby Ravignir » Thu Apr 05, 2018 8:17 am

Lizard on 1st turn, Goblin on 2nd. It's another story of your opponent already has any creature on board.
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