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Budget Decks!

Share your thoughts and decks!

Budget Decks!

Postby Boltor » Thu Jun 11, 2015 6:43 pm

With the Open Beta just days away, I wanted to get this rolling and get the whole force of the Spellweaver community behind it. I've experimented here and there with budget decks, trying to find what works and what doesnt for the new players and such, but I wont have much time to test and build in the upcoming days, but I will have some recording time!

So I wanted to gather the masses and see if together, we can pump out a collection of cheap, easy to build decks that are effective against the AI/PvE challenges for new players who want to get the ball rolling.

The format I had in mind was: 21-23 Shrines, no rare shrines, uncommons perhaps, no more than 2-3 seperate rares i.e. play Lamp and Dust Titan, but no more, 4 Copies of commons, 3 copies of Uncommons, 2 copies of rares and no Epics. By this I mean you can, for example, have a maximum of 4 Relic Guards, 3 Elite Vanguards, 2 Spell Wardens.

Try with that format since we all know how hard it can be right off the bat to get uncommons, especially the good ones. But dont let that format limit you, if you'd rather do 3 commons, 2 uncommons and 1 rare, go for it!

Point of Clarification I forgot to mention: Since my intent for these are to be "Strong decks straight out of the box" so to speak, Basic Heroes only and preferably one Aspect. While its true some very powerful decks can be built extremely easy with 2 Aspects, try to stay within one since a brand new player with no closed beta/IndieCrash packs would have to grind 5 levels before getting a second deck.

I'm eager to see what people come up with, and I'd love to spotlight any lists people can come up with!
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Re: Budget Decks!

Postby Donbo » Thu Jun 11, 2015 8:45 pm

I had a particularly nasty PvE that I was having problems with, even with deck suggestions by Boltor and a few others.

It may have been that I was too short on cards, or that I' just horrible ;p , although it had 30 life instead of 20
so that didn't help much.

I eventually beat it by making a mirror deck, at least to the best my cards allowed.

The resulting deck has done fairly well against ai, so I'll post it and maybe people can tweak it to their content.

Hero : Basic Nefaros

Creatures :

2 x Zombie Legionnaire
2 x Plague Vermin
4 x Rotting Remains
4 x Infected Survivor
2 x Infernal Vultures
2 x Zombie Giant
4 x Mesmerizing Spirit
2 x Bedeviled Fiend
2 x Undead Hydra

Spells :

4 x Noxious Fumes
4 x Consume Spirit
2 x Hands from Beyond
4 x Midnight Feast
4 x Splitting Headache
3 x Restless Tombs
4 x Reanimate
3 x Infernal Tribute

Shrines :

1 x Sanctum of the Void
12 x Corruption Shrine

Points of note :

1 ) I had originally 4 copies of some of these cards but this put the deck well into the 70 card counts, it's 65 cards
heavy as it is.

2) I got most of this from my original 55 packs, questing , 3 or so pack purchases with gold and crafting.

3) I pretty much guesstimated what the AI was using since I only got to see a portion of it's cards, I also forgot
to take note of the deck size it had.

4) Suggested tweaks are welcome as it will ultimately help out some new folk :)
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Re: Budget Decks!

Postby kyndel » Thu Jun 11, 2015 10:12 pm

Here's what I've been playing. It is one card away from fitting your budget definition, and has performed really well in pve as well as ranked.
Basic Daris
2 Forcemage protector
1 foundry engineers
2 gnome power engineers
2 library guards
4 lizard barbarian
4 goblin warrior
4 gibo and roni
2 disciple of zash
1 ram gakh, goblin recuiter
2 Fia, dragon daughter
2 goblin fireworker

3 flashfreeze
4 fireball
2 massive assault
2 Dragonfire

3 Lamp of Zaffir

9 wisdom
11 rage

the idea of the deck is to run the core of the rage aggro deck, (lizard barbarian, goblin warrior, fia, gibo+roni, fireball), and use the rest of the deck to shore up the aggro matchup. many games can just be auto wins on the back of 1 drop, 2 drop with fireball backup. Other rush decks have almost no chance against flashfreeze, library guards and disciple of zash. against control, the idea is to mount an early rush and then pump the hero power to try to find gas to finish. The worst matchup is adv desp, as you run a lot of low p/t utility creatures, so if you dont win right away her hero power just dismantles you. A lot of the numbers on the two-ofs can be tweaked depending on what you see a lot of. The 4-of are all essential.
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Re: Budget Decks!

Postby wasgarcia » Thu Jun 11, 2015 11:57 pm

Challenge Accepted and Met

This brings me back to when I first started playing closed beta spellweaver, I chose zombies because I love zombies, big fan of walking dead. Well here's my list, I followed your exact instructions on how you wanted it. With this deck you will not only beating AI but also other players that show up.

Low Budget Zombies

20x Corruption Shrines
4x Plague Vermin
4x Infected Survivor
4x Mesmerizing Spirit
4x Bedeviled Fiend
4x Noxious Fumes

3x Haunted Cementary
3x Infernal Vulture
3x Insatiable Ghoul
3x Consume Spirit
2x Reanimate
2x Infernal Tribute

2x Bloodwitch Harpy
2x Restless Tombs
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Re: Budget Decks!

Postby wasgarcia » Fri Jun 12, 2015 4:23 am

Here is a Low Budget Ne'eva deck

21x Nature Shrines
4x Elf Scout
4x Brothers in Arms
4x Elf Warrior
4x Ambush Strike
4x Tornado OUtbreak

3x Elven Sanctuary
3x Grove Guardian
3x Elf Tracker
3x Venerated Unicorn
3x Elf Commander

2x Ancient Treant
2x Fae of Charm
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Re: Budget Decks!

Postby Itasko » Sat Jun 13, 2015 1:21 pm

This was the budget rush deck I ran in CB and with Ne'eva as my first starter in OB. I used the packs I opened to build it. There is one rare, but if you wanted a deck with only commons and uncommons I would suggest changing the "Fireblast" (rare) out for "Dragonfire" which is uncommon. I always have fun playing it if I can manage to pull the right curve in the draw.

Rush to Death

Edit: tbh, I didn't really read the full opening post before I submitted this. Doesn't fall entirely within the guidelines. Sorry about that.
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Re: Budget Decks!

Postby Talaris » Sat Jun 13, 2015 9:35 pm

Despina Rush to sacrifice. ... udget.html

Basically the standard "play on curve", pray to be faster than opponent deck. Vs AI it works well and you just need a starter, no fancy stuff. Down side: hard to upgrade with rares later on.

4x Spoiled Aristocrat
4x Shadowstep Assassin
4x Gross experiment
4x Silverblade warrior
4x Thunderstorm titan

4x Assassinate
2x Devious plot
4x Metabolic overcharge
4x Grappling hook

2x Bloodborne Prince
2x Bloodseeking mutant
1x Stronghold metropolis

3x Powerspike armor

2x Gnome Surgeon (if you got them, no need to craft them)
1x Helm of dominion (this was fixed in starer, so not really a rare)
1-2x Cathedral of the night

21-22 Basic Shrines

Basically 22 creatures being played on curve, MVPs are shadowstep to protect your Aristocrats or Experiments if you hit the Buff-artifacts / Implants.

Bloodborne prince, Stronghold metropolis and Devious plot to sacrifice your creatures before they die from Implants.

Gnome surgeon allows to attach implants after blocking / AI blocks, so you can get easy kills vs AI that way.


Works great vs almost all decks the AI plays except vs Order (OP Angel of salvation *cough*). Even then, the AI does not play them right and you can might still draw your Helm of Dominion. :D

Are there better budget decks out there? Probably, if you get a "§$& draw, you will lose.
Are there cheaper budget decks out there ? I doubt it, as it's basically the starter deck + 2 Gnomes and Commons added. You don't need the Cathedral of the night, it's in there as it's a good shrine to have nonetheless, so no unnessecary card crafted as you can play it in almost all decks, even when just splashing violet.
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Re: Budget Decks!

Postby Winning » Sun Jun 14, 2015 3:15 am

post bug - ignore this one.
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Re: Budget Decks!

Postby Winning » Sun Jun 14, 2015 3:16 am

Been awhile , been busy but back at it! So here are 2 decks I've decided to create out of curiosity and to challenge myself , theme this time around will be Common Cards.. Introducing Common Missconception Decks #1 and #2 Have fun with them!

ps: didnt bother trying to use Order or Nature but maybe later :?

Deck: Common Missconception #1 D/W - ... 1-d-w.html

Deck: Common Missconception #2 R/C - ... 2-r-c.html

I'll toy around with other variations but these 2 decks will be my contribution for the mean time enjoy! ;)
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Re: Budget Decks!

Postby Winning » Sun Jun 14, 2015 3:33 am

As stated in my previous post here is the next installment of my all common deck themes but todays focus is 3-4 speed low cost creatures complimented with pump and supported by creature denial or delay. Enjoy!

Deck: Common Missconception #3 N/D - ... 3-n-d.html
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