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Re: Post your decks Here !

Postby Maraut » Fri Feb 17, 2017 3:29 am

Drygord wrote:Molten Cheese

To out-cheese the other ridiculous cheese

I thought this was really funny, until I actually had to play against that crap. These are the times when I wonder why I even bother trying to come up with new interesting decks only to face dragons and... this. It's gotten so bad I even start to see chickens in drafts. Even luck has borded the cheese train, it seems.

*cries in a corner*
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Re: Post your decks Here !

Postby Kubala » Sun Feb 19, 2017 8:58 am

Did anyone have some successes with any combo deck around sprouts??

---> Here was long post about dominion/wisdom Daris but actually its not bringing a lot, since I came with new one below, so I removed this block of text.

Edit: Currently enjoying and winning a lot with Stormborn Daris this way:

-2 Felix
-4 Cavalry Cpt
-3 Namir
-2 Guardian of the Faithful
-3 Gomur
-3 Antriel
-3 Library Guards
-2 Saluxio
---- (touch of light helps keeping our stuff alive and rest of things help us to survive eventual hard early game)
-2 Touch of Light
-2 Pacify
-4 Arrow Barrage
-2 Ray of Righteousunesseness
-4 New Horizons
-3 Power Discharge
-3 Silencer
-9 Order Shrine
-10 Wisdom Shrine
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