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Arctic Shelter wording does not match effect

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Arctic Shelter wording does not match effect

Postby madrog » Sat Sep 22, 2018 9:26 am

The Shelter power from Arctic Shelter reads:

"Put a creature you control under your hero. At the start of your next turn, freeze that creature and return it to the field under your control."

This has an unexpected interaction with Helm of Dominion.
When you steal a creature with Helm of Dominion, and you Shelter it, the Helm falls off (as expected) but next turn the creature is returned to your opponent's side.

I think this might be fair, as it would make it very easy to steal a creature without the drawbacks of the weakness emblems or the opponent being able to destroy the Helm to regain control of the creature.
On the other hand, something could be said for it being unfair, as you have invested the mana and the Helm-card into stealing that creature, and then you can't Shelter it because that leaves you with a huge disadvantage.

So either the wording is wrong (and the last part should read "return it to the field under its owner's control"), or the effect is wrong and the creature should not return to the opponent's field.
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Re: Arctic Shelter wording does not match effect

Postby dermen » Mon Sep 24, 2018 9:09 pm

A similar bug (using Adv. Nefaros power and putting the creature under the Shelter) was reported on Discord, and it will hopefully be fixed at the end of the week.
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